Friday, 31 October 2008

NFL - london

Well the main reason for going down South was to go to the NFL game at Wembley. Ali is a massive NFL fan, recording all the games off sky and watching them throughout the week. In fact this was probably her main reason for getting sky! Her team is the Cincinnati bengals, which are affectionately called the bungals! We were going to see the New Orleans Saints play the San Diego Chargers. Still in preparation Ali had ordered herself a bengals top, we won't talk about how much she had to pay is customs! So about mid-morning on sunday we were dropped off at the train station in Cambridge and headed off to London, arriving at Wembley there were already lots of people around, the ground didn't open till 3pm so this was over an hour before. After looking round the merchandise stands and trying to see what was happening in the tailgate party we headed into the ground. We got a picture taken of the two of us before it got too busy.

The game itself was exciting and I think the crowd responded to requests to make it a home game for the Saints. I can see why people left early though, I would have had no idea that the chargers had a chance still even though the clock said zero without Ali. In fact she took it from it being a fun experience to something I would do again, having my own personal commentator explain what was going on! The game is very stop-start, which I knew from the bit I have watched on tv. But sometimes they seem to hang around for no reason, Ali says its for commercial breaks! I'd definetly say go, its a great experience but even better if you have someone who knows the game well as it's certainly complicated!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Some days are just hard.

I headed out to do a ride that I had done back in September. That day I was really pleased with my average speed and really enjoyed the ride. Today was a little different. I was struggling from the start, I stopped at one point and looked at my average speed, after that I decided I would just be happy to get round. I managed to find an improved way round Preston, no dual carriageway flyovers this time, although I think I went the long way round! So maybe it can be improved on again! After that I began to feel worse, headachey and feverish. I was glad when I got home. I'm guessing I've picked up some little bug or something.

Garmin Stats:
83.84miles @ 12.5mph
1715m climbed
Average HR 139bpm

Monday, 27 October 2008

Running in Cambridge

Manage to get hold of a computer, so here is a quick update. I´ve been down to London for the NFL game, more on that once I get home. Now I´m spending a few days in Cambridge. Today I went running with Ali it took ages to warm up but in the end was a really good run, although Ali hurt her knee again. We ran about 5.5miles in 51 minutes. Will download when I get home.

Friday, 24 October 2008


82miles in the sunshine, off down south now.

Quick update:
Had to rush off straight after the ride, but it was a great day. I did the ride the opposite way to how I usually ride to Southport and I really enjoyed it that way, although going over the rivington to belmont road on the way home was hard work!!! Average speed was 14.7mph which I was happy with.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Trio's wish list

For most people this won't interest them, but often I am asked what I want for a present, I usually can't think off the top of my head so I have a list!

A few hilly road miles

I headed out today to do the same route as I had done on the 10th October. Since I had done this route before I was able to "race" myself. I got back apparently just before last time but once the data has been downloaded I was actually slower so I've no idea how that works?

Garmin Stats:
46.6 miles @ 13 mph
1340m climbed
Average HR 142 bpm

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Muddy Muddy Muddy

I headed out towards ramsbottom today, via Entwistle. On my way round the reservoir I was practically in the water at points where it had come over the path, I missed getting my camera out for the ducks swimming across. At that point I realised I had no chance of keeping my feet dry! I continued trying a new path to the Strawbury duck - a muddy hike! Then over the firing range and up to Peel tower, no I didn't make it but I didn't really try as my left grip had come loose and I didn't want to pull it off trying to wrestle the bike up there. At the top I stopped and had my lunch - its ages since I've though to bring sandwiches with me on a ride. I got a bit cold sat there so I think its the end of picnics its definetly getting into winter! After that a little explore around ramsbottom and then home. Just before I got to my house a man says to me, "Did you realise you are very muddy?" well I had guessed!!!

Garmin Stats:
26.61miles @ 8.5mph
840m climbed
Average HR 138bpm

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Have to rest

Somehow I seem to have hurt my knee, some of you will know I have had knee problems for years but since getting fitter and stronger the problems have gone. Well last night I woke up at 2am with a very sore knee, hobbled downstairs and iced it, back to bed, an hour later I was awake again, repeated the process and slept through till the morning. It's sore now so I'll be resting it today, unfortuately I have no car today and an appointment in Bolton so I will have to ride to that, but its only 3 miles each way and I'll take it very easy!

Monday, 20 October 2008

monday running

I had planned on a rest day today, I realise that I haven't had one in ages! On my last rest day I cycled to horwich to go shopping, so a 12mile round trip. I don't think I can count that as a rest day. Anyway I did try today but I really felt like going running, so I nipped out just before 5pm. Same loop as last monday, but managed it a little quicker!

Garmin Stats:
3.40 miles @ 9'17" pace
Average HR 167 bpm
54m climbed

Sunday, 19 October 2008

More cyclo-cross racing

Todays race was up near Lancaster, there was a good field and I noticed at least 9 girls at the start, including a few well known names from the world of cross. I found it hard from the start. the grass just seemed to kill me, everyone tells me my bike is a disadvatage but today my legs didn't seem to want to push harder and my heart was ready to explode. Once again Ali was asking me if I was ok and telling me at the end that it looked like I was finding it hard. Any bits that I had to get off and attempt to carry my bike were hard. I can run - badly - so now I need to be able to run with a bike on my shoulder! I think I finished 5th female but I'm not sure, results will be out later this week.

Ali kindly washed my bike at the end while I rehydrated and tried to feel human again!

Garmin Stats:
8.39miles @ 7.9mph
220m climbed
Average HR 180bpm (max 196 bpm)

Provisional Results: 5th female, 62/82 finishers

Saturday, 18 October 2008

A longer run

I couldn't decide what to do today so Ali invited me to go on her long run with her and her friend Louise. Nice run, all on road nearly so a little different for me. But doesn't time fly when you are chatting?

Garmin Stats:
6.27miles @ 9'53" pace
157m climber
Average HR 161 bpm

Friday, 17 October 2008

Changing tyres

I have put some new tyres on my trek ready for the next cyclo-cross. These are 1.8" and seem very narrow - although compared to cross tyres I guess they are wide. Hopefully it'll help a bit with the mud clagging. Now I just need to learn how to get off and back on my bike a bit faster, the cross riders make it look so easy!

Chocolate Week

How did I miss this?

It's chocolate week!!!!

As lots of people will know I fuel my rides with chocolate!

Thanks Anna for the heads up!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Winter is here!

I headed out at 5pm with a vague plan, well since it had been emailed to Ali I guess it was an actual plan. Soon I was beginning to think I maybe should have worn longs as oppose to only knee-warmers, yes it was defiantly the start of winter. Then it started raining and getting dark, my feet got wet and cold, ditto my hands. Light was on. I walked down a hill as it was scary! I passed three odd looking men - fast so can't tell anything else. I got home and Ali told me I was too muddy for the house! Great ride!

Garmin Stats:
17.7 miles @ 8.4 mph
520m climbed
Average HR 131 bpm

A video from transwales

I found a video here from transwales, watch carefully around 34seconds as I go past in my queen of the mountains top.

I need breakfast

Another early morning run. It was easy enough to get out once I dragged myself out of bed as it looked nice out. I was hungry from the word go and found it hard doing anything without my breakfast, but I know it wouldn't feel good eating then running. The run had everything, knee deep puddles, muddy grass, road, steep steps, gravel tracks and cobbles. A lovely start to the morning. I'm thinking that I might try a 40min run next week since my 30min runs are all over 30mins now. I'm enjoying running at the moment which is helping with the motivation.

Garmin Stats:
3.94 miles @ 9'53" min/mile pace
82m climbed

Average Heart Rate isn't accurate since at first it had zero then over 200 for the first 10 minutes.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Off to the seaside

I had an early appointment this morning so once that was finished I headed out to ride to Southport. Since I'm not training for anything at the moment, its all base mileage at this point I decided I wouldn't let myself look at the speed I was averaging. That was harder than I thought it would be, I like my geeky stats! When I got to Southport the sea was in, usually you can hardly see the sea, in fact since they let you park on the beach I had always assumed that the sea never came in that far! I went and got some chips and then sat on the sea wall. I got a picture of the sea. I then tried to get a picture of me with the sea in the background, but it never seems to look right when I do that!

After that I headed home, I think I might try this route in reverse next time as the headwind along the coast road was hard work! On the way home there were about three showers, one was quite heavy but I decided not to put my jacket on, The gillet did keep most of it off though and I didn't get cold.
Garmin Stats:
81.23miles @ 14.3mph
1200m climbed
Average HR 129bpm

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Misty out there

Got out for 8:30am this morning as that gave me four hours to play. It was very misty and I was glad my rig has a rear light permanently attached for the road sections. I headed over to Rivington, ignoring my computer and taking my time. Once there I went down the ICR but I dabbed, I blame the fact that there was someone walking up it! So I climbed back up and cleaned it! Then I headed home taking in some of the cheeky singletrack near me.

Garmin Stats:
27.91miles @ 7.7mph
986m climbed
Average HR 136bpm

Monday, 13 October 2008

The nights are drawing in

I headed out running at 5:30pm and when I was getting back it was getting dark, any rides in the evening will now need lights! Didn't feel like I was able to push that hard running and came back via the steps so was very impressed with my pace.

Garmin Stats:
3.40 miles @ 9'31" pace
Average HR 164 bpm
54m climbed

Sunday, 12 October 2008

More cyclo-cross

Since Ali has hurt her ankle she decided not to ride today so I was free to go to the cyclo-cross in Blackly. I rode there and arrived with time to pre-ride the course and find somewhere to dump my rucksac. Then it was time to work hard, I don't think I was managing to go as hard as yesterday and there was more carryign which I was finding hard. Well not hard as such just slow going! But it was fun and I wasn't too dead cycling home. Since there are no pictures today I've put the chart of my heart rate from the race. I've also downloaded an elevation correction plug-in for sportstracks so now you can clearly see the laps as the elevation is a lot more accurate.

Garmin Stats

Road on way there:
12.93 miles @ 13.2 mph
Average HR 108 bpm
205m climbed

10.47 miles @ 8.9 mph
Average HR 177bpm
258m climbed

Road on way home:
13.15miles @ 12.7 mph
Average HR 132bpm
210m climbed

Edit: Forgot to say I was 2nd female.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Cyclo cross racing

Today's cyclo-cross race was at Clayton and Ali kindly came and took some pictures. Although I'm not sure she enjoyed standing around in a muddy field. Before the start I met Trev and caught up with a few people from the last race. Then it was time to go, I managed to hang in at the start - usually everyone seems to disappear but it got harder and harder as time went on and the steps I had to carry my bike up definitely got harder as my bike just got heavier and heavier. After 8 complete laps and the 1st shortened lap I finished 3rd female. There were 7 of this race I think. I am shattered now and was ready to stop after the first 10minutes!
Garmin Stats:
11.14 miles @ 10.7 mph
Average HR 180bpm
358m climbed

Friday, 10 October 2008

Hilly but fun.

So today I made sure I got out early and headed out on the ride I had planned to do on tuesday before I punctured. It turns out is is a very hilly and hard ride, but fun. I felt like I was struggling and slow for most of the ride.

Garmin Stats:
46.6 miles @ 13.3 mph
1113m climbed
Average HR 134 bpm

Thursday, 9 October 2008

A new route to Rivi

Cycled over to meet Ali after her run again, took a new route this time where I went via Belmont. A little longer but good fun. Got there just as she was heading off running so I headed up to the Pike, met a guy on a kona who was on his way down as I was heading up. Then down commonwealth down to the car. Next to me was a guy who recognised my transwales top, turns out he knows a friend of a friend and had heard of me. Not sure if that is good or bad?

Garmin Stats:
16miles @ 8.8mph
500m climbed
Average HR 147bpm

Wet feet

Got out running again, I am doing a good job of sticking to it this time, well for the last two weeks ;) Although it was lovely out I chose a trail with big puddles so I have nice wet feet! After running with Ali on monday I realised I should try pushing myself a bit more so it was hard work!

Garmin Stats:
2.92miles @ 9:17 min/mile pace
45m climbed
Average HR 166bbpm

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

What to wear

A lovely day today meant I got out for a late afternoon ride. I headed out up winter hill up a climb I've only done a few times. Didn't clear it all but only a few pushes and dabs. Then it was down the belmont descent before heading onto the Darwen moors, over to the Strawbury Duck and then home. It was a perfect day for riding and I think I was a little overdressed in knee warmers and a winter base layer but its so hard to predict the weather at the moment on saturday I was cold in legwarmers and two jackets!

My Garmin Stats:
24.3miles @ 8.5mph
660m climbed
Average HR 139bpm

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Back on the singlespeed

Yes my singlespeed is now sorted, only took me five minutes today. I really should have sorted it before now but hey its done now. An odd day all in all, I set off to get an early road ride in, turned round when I punctured less than two miles from home. I knew it was the rim tape and just couldn't be bothered changing it in the rain. Then the day got busy. At just after 5pm I rode over to rivington to meet Ali for a lift home after her run. Very misty up on winter hill but enjoyed singlespeeding again, even if my quads were sore from yesterdays run.

My Garmin Stats:
10.76miles @ 8.9 mph
320m climbed
Average HR 138bpm

Monday, 6 October 2008

Running with Ali

Ali was meant to go running this weekend, starting her training for the london marathon. But on saturday she forgot and went to the hairdressers and on sunday I dragged her road biking. So today we went out when she got home from work. She told me we were starting at her pace as apparently I was too fast last time, she promtly set off faster than I would. I was working hard to keep up with her the whole way round and she really pushed near the end as she wanted to average 10 min/mile pace.

My Garmin Stats:
3.61 miles @ 9:50 min/mile pace
90m climbed
Average HR 163bpm

Off-road again

Somehow recently I just seem to be riding on road, I'm really enjoying my road riding at the moment. Anyway today I realised I could get a 4 hour ride in as long as I left the house by 8:30am So I was up and out on my trek nice and early. I headed over to Rivington and then over to Healey Nab before heading back. Legs didn't seem to have much in them, if I tried pushing hard on a hill they gave up! Back just inside 4 hours so I was happy.

My Garmin Stats:
29.7 miles @ 8.2mph
960m climbed
Average HR 127bpm

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Riding for ice-cream

Had a bit of a lie-in today so any plans I had of getting out early weren't going to happen. Instead I suggested to Ali that we should ride to Freddies for ice-creams. So we set off just after 1pm on a route I had planned, obviously we didn't go straight there but took a few hills on the way. My legs didn't want to play but Ali was flying up the hills.
Near Rivington we had to stop to talk to some sheep, Ali even wanted to feed one of them, well he had tried to climb through and then over the fence to get to us!
Soon we got to the ice-cream stop, after 17miles, I had chocolate and something called credit crunch, Ali went for a scoop of raspberry and one of passion fruit. Very enjoyable if a little busy.
Then we started on the way home, only we both needed the toilet so we decided to stop at a pub for a quick drink and then decided we might as well eat since we hadn't thought to get any food for dinner.
Then it was a simple matter of rolling home.
The weather was lovely, perfect for a nice easy ride around Bolton with lots of lovely food.

My Garmin Stats:
27.5 miles @ 13.1 mph
520m climbed
Average HR 125 bpm

Saturday, 4 October 2008

One day I'll learn...

Since I am no longer riding Dusk till Dawn this weekend I decided to ride out and join the CD ride, it was starting just south of Holmfirth so I plotted a round trip. On the outskirts of Rochdale I punctured the rear wheel, I managed to get it fixed quicker than I expected and was back on my way. It was getting windier and windier and I was glad of my second buff to cover my face on some bits. As I was climbing the hill towards Holmfirth I went past two guys, I assume they were triathletes as one of them had tri shoes on. They were both on nice bikes and I said hello on my way past and about five minutes later one of them came back up to my shoulder, there was no sign of his friend - what is it with boys??? By this point I began to think I would be a little late so sent a text as I had said I wouldn't be there. When I got to the meeting point there was no sign of anyone including cars, a check of my phone showed a missed call and a text. The ride had been cancelled!!! I should check these things before I leave home!!! So I ate a sandwich and continued on my route. At this point I ended up grovelling into the wind, at one point I was riding downhill at 3mph!!! I was ready to ring Ali to come and collect me then, especially when I ended up on a main road for a bit. After a while I came across some toilets in a car park with an ice-cream van selling hot chocolate, so I sat down with a warm drink and some more food and started to feel better! Getting going again it was still as hard and as cold but I was feeling better. It wasn't long before I was on the outskirts of Ashton and I was warming up so the waterproof came off. Then it was a case of weaving home and I was back about 2pm.

A hard days riding and I didn't need the extra loop, I would definitely have had to get a lift home if the CD ride was on!

Garmin Stats:

77.6 miles @ 13.3 mph I can't believe I was quite that fast as the wind was a nightmare!

1600m climbed

Friday, 3 October 2008

Ali's good news

Well after five years of trying Ali has got a place in the London Marathon!

So no stopping running over the winter for her, she wants to beat my time, I'm sure she'll do that easily!

Another morning run

Up early again and did the same route as tuesday, was determined to go faster this time so everytime I noticed it getting a little easier, meaning I had started daydreaming, I made myself push a bit harder. Was back about a minute faster.

Garmin Stats:
2.82 miles
Av Pace 9:44 min/miles
Av HR 166bpm

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The legbreaker 2009

Well I've already decided on an event for 2009. Yes I will be riding the legbreaker again. Now the reason I am so sure of this is that I received an email this morning explaining that they still had heard nothing about an expected delivery date for the Jersey's (I had ordered one when I entered) so they were going to refund the cost of the Jersey and also include a free entry to next years event as a goodwill gesture. Since I have really enjoyed this event the last two years and still have to ride the long route, I am really looking forward to this!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

September Mileage

So September is over and what have I been up to?

Running 15.57 miles (A good start to getting back into running)
Road Cycling 559 miles 84%
Off-road cycling 104 miles 16%
Total Cycling 663 miles

Can I get an average of 15mph?

Today I decided I wanted to get an average of 15mph, well I planned this yesterday before I realised how windy today was going to be. I had planned a route on mapmyride but for some reason I couldn't download it. So instead of wasting my time trying to decide what to do and ending up without enough time for my planned 4 hour ride I decided to do a ride that I normally do with jumbly, its 40miles from her house in Adlington. So I thought I could just cycle over and pick the route up somewhere.

This worked really well, although the whole way to Adlington was a struggle and it didn't get any easier till I turned round to come back as there was a headwind the whole way. After averaging 13.6 mph on the way to Adlington I knew I had to work a bit harder, I then managed 14.7 mph to the point I started heading back. Although I felt like I was working hard my average heart rate for both these splits was only 144bpm so I must have been able to work harder! On the way back to Adlington I averaged 16.5mph and then from there to home I managed 16.7mph. When I was nearly home I decided I wanted a ride of 100km so I started weaving round the back streets, I still didn't get to 100km (99km) and it brought down my average speed a bit!

But in the end my average speed was 15.4 mph!!! That is nearly as fast as my fastest ever road ride at 16 mph which was down in Cambridge!

Garmin Stats:
61.43 miles @ 15.4 mph
Average HR 145bpm
720m climbed