Saturday, 4 October 2008

One day I'll learn...

Since I am no longer riding Dusk till Dawn this weekend I decided to ride out and join the CD ride, it was starting just south of Holmfirth so I plotted a round trip. On the outskirts of Rochdale I punctured the rear wheel, I managed to get it fixed quicker than I expected and was back on my way. It was getting windier and windier and I was glad of my second buff to cover my face on some bits. As I was climbing the hill towards Holmfirth I went past two guys, I assume they were triathletes as one of them had tri shoes on. They were both on nice bikes and I said hello on my way past and about five minutes later one of them came back up to my shoulder, there was no sign of his friend - what is it with boys??? By this point I began to think I would be a little late so sent a text as I had said I wouldn't be there. When I got to the meeting point there was no sign of anyone including cars, a check of my phone showed a missed call and a text. The ride had been cancelled!!! I should check these things before I leave home!!! So I ate a sandwich and continued on my route. At this point I ended up grovelling into the wind, at one point I was riding downhill at 3mph!!! I was ready to ring Ali to come and collect me then, especially when I ended up on a main road for a bit. After a while I came across some toilets in a car park with an ice-cream van selling hot chocolate, so I sat down with a warm drink and some more food and started to feel better! Getting going again it was still as hard and as cold but I was feeling better. It wasn't long before I was on the outskirts of Ashton and I was warming up so the waterproof came off. Then it was a case of weaving home and I was back about 2pm.

A hard days riding and I didn't need the extra loop, I would definitely have had to get a lift home if the CD ride was on!

Garmin Stats:

77.6 miles @ 13.3 mph I can't believe I was quite that fast as the wind was a nightmare!

1600m climbed


  1. Whats a CD ride? The ride you've just done looks very very hard to me!

  2. Wow. That's a huge ride. And great average speed, too. Boys like to chase. However, I witnessed a rare phenomenon the other day on our Riverloop. I was riding with two really nice guys and they were overtaking everything that appeared on the horizon. Until there was that young triathlete in very short knicks. They sat behind her for some kilometers. You would have enjoyed their faces when I brought it up since it was so subconscious that they weren't aware ... priceless.

  3. I bet it was funny, boys ;)