Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Misty out there

Got out for 8:30am this morning as that gave me four hours to play. It was very misty and I was glad my rig has a rear light permanently attached for the road sections. I headed over to Rivington, ignoring my computer and taking my time. Once there I went down the ICR but I dabbed, I blame the fact that there was someone walking up it! So I climbed back up and cleaned it! Then I headed home taking in some of the cheeky singletrack near me.

Garmin Stats:
27.91miles @ 7.7mph
986m climbed
Average HR 136bpm


  1. what was that? gorilla's in the mist?

  2. The ICR is a funny one isn't it! I've sailed down there easily some days and others get totally bogged down in the rubble. I don't ride it that often really and do better on my hardtail than the full-suss for some reason.

  3. Yes it is an odd one, I only started riding it this year as I kept being told how hard it is. It changes everytime which makes it hard. But I keep riding it as I think it helps my ridign downhill, a real weakness!

  4. If you're week downhill then there really is no hope for me!

  5. It does change a lot and I ride it so rarely I never know the best line to take, though not sure if there is one over the rubble! I don't think its hard as such but you need to be able to carry a good speed and commit but it is so easy to get pinged off line and lose momentum. It's caught out some of the best riders I know too.

  6. Speed? No I'm too scared for that!