Sunday, 15 May 2016

Cressbrook Crawl Fell Race

I kept seeing signs for this when I went to meet Ali for lunch and I vaguely wondered about doing it. Mentioning it to a friend the day before on a run she was also vaguely thinking about it. We exchanged a few messages that evening and decided to do it. As I don't tend to run without a dog it was going to be interesting. The day was sunny but not silly hot although too hot for cybi so a good day for a fell race.

The parking was at the bottom of the hill and registration at the top, so that was a nice warm up! The start was on the road outside Cressbrook Club going up a bit before heading down to Litton Mill. Then up the huge hill to cross the Monsal trail and beyond. The scenery the whole way round was stunning and the route really clearly marked and on clear trails so easy to follow. There were some new bits to me and some of definetly want to run again. The finish is back up the hill to the club, a hell of a road climb and I have to admit I walked half of it.

I found I felt like I was going backwards on the uphills but surprised myself bu feeling good descending and managing to overtake people on descents. Obviously cybi's training is working (dragging me downhill as fast as possible). I certainly wasn't fast but I enjoyed it and although I missed the boys it was a nice change. Cybi wasn't impressed that I went running without him it has to be said.