Monday, 5 December 2016

Getting a long run in.

After a busy week at work, including working Wednesday when I would usually try and do my long run I ended up with only Sunday left to do it and no motivation. Fortunately I have the best training partners and headed out first with Cybi and George. I wan't to run a certain path in the opposite direction from previously and wondered if a path I've used on the bike would take me far enough the main road.

The path did take me a fair way but not as far as expected so there was some running on the main road to Bakewell which meant I kept stopping to get the woofs off the road. But it was worth it to link in the other path on a stunning morning. We ran 8 miles and only saw two other people.

After getting home and sorting the boys out with PJ's and their breakfast I headed out with Chip to run to Tideswell to meet Ali. We went via Eyam and along the fields, there are lots of stone stiles this way and notmally Chip needs help over them, not today she was climbing them like a pro.

Once in Tideswell we grabbed lunch and spent some time with Ali before heading home on tired legs, this time staying the other side of the main road. I definitely had tired legs and the final descent to home was the slowest I had ever ran it. Chip on the otherhand was still running like a pro on her longest run yet.

So 21.5 miles with 900m of climbing. Maybe I will manage to ultra in Jan.