Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cambridge 300k Audax

I was a little worried coming up to this audax as I had a pretty bad cough. But fortunately it seemed better. Ali was off to Rome with her mum and sister so I was riding to and from the start. This was ten miles from Ali's mum. The weather forecast wasn't good but u rode to the start in reasonably nice weather but just before the start the rain came. Not far along the road I was stopping to put rain legs on. I got to the first control and was feeling strong. Not far after this I met up with  Noel and we worked out we were riding at the same pace. Onto the first cafe and I decided to get a slushy. It had also stopped raining so waterproofs to come off.

For the rest of the ride we were swapping places with two lads. There was  section which was pretty hilly, nothing long but some steep bits and was ready for food when we got to the Windmill cafe. After that we were on the fens into a headwind. I was struggling on this section and was glad of a tow. The last control and some sweets and I started to feel better if sore. Back at the finish and there was soup. I didn't hang around too long as I knew I had to ride back. The ride back wasn't as bad as I expected.

Total distance was 212miles, furthest I've rode in one go.