Friday, 3 June 2022

A wild camp to test out my new tent.

Ali kindly picked up a one man backpacking tent for me from Decathlon so obviously I had to get out and try it out. I plotted a route that started from a car park on the snake pass that would let me practice my navigation, it's something I really need to work on. But arriving there at 3pm it was packed, with cars circling trying to park, it looked like a lot of people were heading for a wild camp as they were unpacking lots of kit from the cars.
I headed up onto Snake summit thinking I could start the route from there and camp somewhere different to planned, but when I realised there would be a bit of road walking I changed my plan. Lots of off path stuff really tested my nav,  but in the whole it went well and minor errors were corrected. I barely saw anyone and those I did where in the valley while I was on the tops.
Arriving at Grinch Rocks, where I hoped to camp I wandered around a bit until I found a flat spot for my tent. It was nice and quick to pitch, which is good as it'll be even quicker now I've done, and Chip and I were soon enjoying our tea. 
I was in bed nice and early but unfortunately didn't sleep well, seemed to constantly wake up, it was windy and rainy overnight but I think I was too hot in hindsight as everytime I woke up I was super thirsty, this tent is noticeably warmer than my 2p tent.

The next morning we had breakfast early since I wasn't sleeping and were on our way at 6am, however the mist came in and my nav was poor, I went round im circles a bit but eventually got on my way again. 
As we weren't parked as far away I added on a trig point for some more navigation practice, turns out the Bleakow Bomber crash site. We were back to the car for 10am and heading home.
Another fabulous mini adventure and shows I really need to work on my navigation, I'm too used to having gps!