Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tiring weather for commuting

Friday morning I had an epic commute riding through snow and sleet to Warrington. Then Saturday I was working in the office so I was up early as lots of snow was forcast. Fortunately we got off lightly compared to others. But still enough to make me take my mountain bike and get the train. A day of learn to rides in the cold and wind left me shattered.

Monday, 18 March 2013

A snowy, hilly Delightful Dales 200k Audax

I was nervous about entering this event as I knew the reputation of it for being very hilly and I am not a natural hill climber at all. But always one for a challenge and knowing the only way I will get better at hills is to ride them I entered and asked Ali if she could give me a lift up (I didn't fancy riding there are back to such a hilly event).

Getting to the start and it was snowing, worried I didn't have enough layers, after putting all mine on, I borrowed Ali's waterproof and put it in my bag as a spare layer. Setting off I was beginning to wonder what I was doing as the snow kept falling but we were making good time. After Gargrave I was on roads I didn't know and it had stopped snowing so I could enjoy the views. Getting to the first huge hill of the day, Park Rash, it was down to my lowest gear and trying not to topple over sideways. As we (me and Rich and Shona from Keep Pedalling) got to the top we were faced with a road blanketed in snow. We were soon off the bikes and pushing, road bikes and snow not being very well suited. After walking over the top and partway down we were soon back on the bikes and the sun even came out.

A quick stop at the first control before a cake stop at Dales Bike Centre, where it was warm enough to sit outside, had us smiling. The next section was undulating, still lots of steep hills though, and it was lovely to walk into the next pub to have the landlady offering us a choice of sandwiches.

Then it was time for the Coal Road, we all had a 'rest'  at the very steep bit at the bottom and we were soon surrounded by snow. Fortunately this time there were tracks to follow through it.

Coming down was an interesting experience, once the snow cleared it was a twisty steep descent which involved holding onto the brakes the whole way down, this was the first time my hands got cold! I'd like to say from here it was all downhill but not lots more climbing to get to Three Peaks Country where we had a nice long downhill.

Undulating from there to Clitheroe and I was on roads that I knew, we finished at 7:15pm so 11hrs45mins after we started, a long and epic day!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

More playing in Phillips Park

The Garage Bike Girlies came over to play on the Phillip's Park trails. Lots of smiles from riding the Berms and lots of chatting followed by little piggy cakes. Lots of fun!

Monday, 11 March 2013

A ride of Pro6's

Over in Morley yesterday for a ride, I managed to miss the train from Rochdale due to a horrible headwind on the way over so we rode about an hour later than planned. Before heading out Al fitted a new inner chain ring and chopped down my seatpost while I decided which colour chainstay protector would work best.

Leaving Garage Bikes we rode the route that I had led the girls on the other week. Each of us on a different colour Kinesis Pro 6. After Al rode the steps I had to have a go, was nowhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be.
Sarah took some amazing photo's till we started moaning about the cold so we headed back to the shop. I think for once the wind hadn't changed direction although it may not have been a tailwind on the way back from Rochdale.

Another lovely ride on Kermit. He was built up on Tuesday night, we've now covered 200miles together.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Riding out to the Peaks

With Ali away again and me working south of Manchester I decided to ride out to see her. After Stockport it felt uphill all the way but after Disley it was lovely, country roads and stunning views. I even found a nice trail to avoid part of the A6.
I then rode back in this morning, it was light by 6:30am! Was a shame to get to Disley as then I was back into the traffic.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Tuesday night the amazing Garage Bikes helped me build up my new frame.
Then on Wednesday Jenn took me on some fun trails to try him out, followed by cake.

Friday, 1 March 2013

A different commute

Ali was working away this week so on Monday and Thursday evenings I headed out to see her. On Monday I was on kiwi and Thursday snowy, yes the gears were appreciated after having to walk up a couple of hills on Monday. I got the train to Buxton and rode across it was stunning. Wouldn't take me long to get used to having this as a commute. This morning it was even daylight when I left at 6:45am to get the train, turns out I'm not as slow as I might think on hills and had loads of time in Buxton.