Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Broken bikes

Well I'm not having much luck with my mountain bikes.

Yesterday I took the chain off my singlespeed and now I can't get the EBB to shift. I have loosened it completely but its just not moving. I'm sure there must be something I can do to get it moving, I need it for SSUK at the weekend. Tried my LBS and they're too busy.

Then this morning I headed out on my trek, only to find out the front brake is rubbing and the bike was making odd noises. Came home and now really must motivate myself to have a look at it.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Baby Sheep

Ali seemed to be feeling a bit better today and decided that she wanted to go to Rivi to see the baby sheep. I took her over to winter hill as that was where the cutest ones had been on saturday. She took over 100 photos, so I haven't uploaded them all. As you can see I just took advatage of the nice weather to have a rest. On the way back to the car I picked up loads of litter, why would you come somewhere so nice and leave beer bottles, macdonalds wrappers etc?

Monday, 28 April 2008

Left knee

Couldn't sleep last night as left knee was so sore, barely able to walk downstairs to get ibuprofen. After a couple of hours of icing the knee and watching tv managed a few hours sleep. No biking for me today.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Trying new bikes

Today Vikki was demoing a new bike so I decided to ride over to Rivi to keep her company. I had steady drizzle on the way over and it was very misty up on winter hill but I felt good, even after quite a high mileage week. Got there are 1pm and the shiny bike was admired and then sized for Vikki and we headed off. Up the commonwealth down. I was able to talk the whole way up it today (did I only get my singlespeed in february I'm already noticing myself getting fitter) then along Belmont Old Road and over to Lead Mines. Still can't get up that on my singlespeed though! Then we went round Healey Nab. Where I cleared the drop that looks vertical from the top and the other two walked it.

After that it was back to the cafe for Chocolate Cake and then home, tried a slightly new cheeky trail home that was lovely and weather proof.

32.37 miles
1110 metres climbed
Average Speed 8.7mph
Average Heart Rate 141bpm

Saturday, 26 April 2008


Today I didn't head out till 4pm. With the nice weather I thought Rivington might be a little busy and any cheeky trails were really out of the question. I headed over towards Rivington the usual way but took a path that I had noticed a few times that was signed Concessionary Bridleway. It started off boring and flat but got more interesting on the way down, eventually coming out on Scout Road. I think if I had gone straight across, down the signed footpath, it would have taken me back towards home. One to explore another time! I then headed back up matchmore lane where my non-driveside crank fell off. This has never happened to me before but instead of phoning for a lift home I got my multi tool out to see if there was an allen key the correct size, there was so I was soon on my way. But I must check it is tight enough this evening. I continued up going down by the horse farm and then up the commonwealth down and onto the Pike. Cleared it again and the way up the Commonwealth Down I realised that I was getting better at climbing on my singlespeed as I think I could have almost held a conversation, I certainly wasn't in as bad a state as the first time I tried to get up there. Then it was down again, going down the ICR - which I cleared - as I got to the bottom two guys on trail bikes were heading up, don't think I would have liked to have met them as I crawled down. Then up through the Chinese Gardens, at this point something seemed odd with my pedal, a loose cleat. So it was time to stop and tighten it up. Back down to Belmont, even though it was the weekend I was cheeky enough to go down the footpath, didn't see anyone. Then back home.

23.32 miles
Average Speed 8.4mph
1399 metres climbed

Even with my mechanicals and stopping to admire the view I was only stopped for 25.5 minutes

Friday, 25 April 2008

Ruby gets to see the sea

I planned another loop to go to Southport, but this time I wanted to see the sea, so a different route was planned, with the climb over the Belmont road at the start. I felt like I was working hard the whole way round and it seemed warm. I was glad I had my 3/4 lengths on I would have boiled alive otherwise. I had quite a few showers but my windproof held them off well. For probably the first time ever I ran out of liquid, good and bad. Good that I'm drinking more on a ride, bad that I ran out! Busy drinking lots now! After about 60miles I started suffering and climbing Chorley Old Road on the way home from Horwich was fine. Think I should have brought more gels with me.

Average Moving Speed 14.1mph
Average Speed, including stops 14mph
Average Heart Rate 144bpm
900m of climbing

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Improving my diet

I've been saying for ages that I should improve my diet. I don't eat too un-healthily but I know it could be a lot better. Last week when Ali was away and I was in charge of my own food (Ali always cooks in the evening in our house) I decided not to do my usual and live off pizza. Firstly I cooked my usually pasta with vegetables. This is about the only meal I cook these days and is probably the best meal I eat as I know I don't eat enough veg. Then I decided to take an easy route with fresh pasta and a sauce, but I added veg, it made a meal I like into one of my favorites! Last night, since Ali is ill and I'm still cooking, I did a pasta bake with veg in it and tonight I was the most adventurous I made a curry and threw in some baby corn cobs, green beans and split yellow peas. The meal was lovely, the peas were still a little crunchy though so next time I'll cook it for a bit longer, the only issue was there was too much of it.

Sometimes you have no choice but to rest

I didn't sleep very well last night and today ali was still ill so I decided not to go riding. Instead I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours this afternoon. I feel a lot better for it. Sometimes your body just forces you to rest. So now I'm spending my evening route planning for a long ride tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I think I overdressed today!

I could see it looked warm outside but I knew it hadn't been overly warm earlier so I put my warm 3/4 lengths on a light-weight helly and my Gore Phantom Jacket. Oh along with my winter boots. Well I could have worn summer boots and even shorts it was lovely out! Really nice loop and seemed to do a lot of singletrack. I also went down the path again instead of Belmont Road, it's a really nice path in the dry (although it slows my average!).
Average Moving speed 8.1mph
Average Speed including stops 7.9mph
828metres climbed
Average Heart Rate 140bpm

Running is hard!

Same run as last week, but it felt harder!


Brothel on my street!

On monday I was upstairs putting some washing away and I noticed a crowd of people outside, looking out the window I realised they were looking at Police knocking down a door further up my road. It took them ages to get in through the UPVC door! Anyway I kept looking out evry so now and again but all I saw were Police going in and out with bags. Yesterday a quick ask at the chemist and all is clear, apparently there was a brothel there with lots of very young Chinese girls. There were no obvious signs!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I think I need a cross bike

Exciting ride today, definetly a trio adventure. I had planned the route using mapmyride last night, but due to Ali playing on the computer most of the night with her photo's from Goa it was done very quickly. The ride started out really well, great riding all the way to Calderdale and I didn't get lost :) Down into Hebden Bridge - my aim was to cycle there and back. Then the ride got interesting! I headed out of Hebden Bridge up a steep climb, I had noticed the dead end signs but just ignored them! Which turned into cobbles and then an unsurfaced road and then a bridleway. At that point I thought I might be on the wrong bike for the surface! But Ruby did really well, I only walked about ten meters in total, the roadie shoes made it hard to walk! It made me think, people spend all this money on getting more and more travel and there was me on a roadie! After that it was back on road and quite tame in comparison!
60.87 miles
Average Moving Speed 11.9mph
Average heart rate 135bpm
1465m climbed

Monday, 21 April 2008

Advantages of having been ill

I don't tend to talk much on here about having been ill, just the main problem of not sleeping that I have now. But I've been thinking about the positives to have come out of it. When I was really ill back in November I lost all my fittness but I also lost half a stone of weight in a week. At the time I was really worried, I know losing weight that fast is a bad thing! But as I clawed my way back towards fitness I never put the weight back on, the way I eat I would have epected to. Instead it's stayed off but I have got healthier again, now I'm getting fit again but I weigh less. This means that my power to weight ratio has improved. The question is would I have lost the weight anyway now I'm doing more endurance riding or was losing it when I was really ill lucky as now I am lighter?

Last week and mileage

Last week was my best week ever for mileage. I covered 201 miles (116 miles on road and 85 miles off road). I was pleased with this mileage but my legs were tired when I was riding yesterday, shows me that I still have a long way to go before transwales (344 miles off-road in a week). I was hoping to cover over 800 miles this month but I think I'll have to give up on that idea, unless I get out there and do 400 miles in the next nine days, I suppose I could look at it as a challenge, but it would involve some long rides on my own.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Wind, wind, wind

Once again it was silly windy, Easterly again so it makes climbing so hard! I headed over to Rivi to meet Carolyn, saw matt again at pigeon tower, then headed home. Just wasn't feeling it. Think my legs were tired.

Positives though are that I cleaned the ICR again, rode a new bit of singletrack and I've rode 200miles this week.

Average Speed 7.9mph
935metres climbed

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Easterly Winds

Today I headed out at about 11:30am with Pete, the plan being to complete the route I planned yesterday. Once again the Garmin was easy to follow and it was an enjoyable loop. The hardest bit was getting back over from Rivington to Belmont, the nice headwind and the fact it was the only real hill of the day made it hard work!

Average Moving Speed 13mph
Average Heart Rate 132bpm
828metres climbed

Friday, 18 April 2008

Planning on google maps again

Well planned a ride for tomorrow, just need to check Pete is happy with it, it is a little longer than planned but very flat.

View Interactive Map on

Riding to Rufford

No Statistics today as my garmin failed to turn on, but today I met Sharon over at Horwich and rode to a nice Cafe in Rufford. The way there felt easy, we were flying. The way back was hard, somthing to do with the head wind. Seemed to be lots of impatient drivers today, either that or they just liked playing with their horns and shourting out windows.

Think I did 42miles.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

2000 miles

I missed pointing out that I have now passed 2000miles for the year!

Lovely Windy Day

Today I went over to meet Andy a friend from work. I got back into biking with Andy and we used to ride at Rivington every two weeks during the summer of 2006, I remember doing a 12 mile route from a book and it being really hard. Andy hasn't been riding so much so he hasn't quite got the fitness I have. But it was nice to see him. I remembered about practising my skills so if you saw someone near top barn trying to track stand that was me! I took Andy over to Healey Nab and round the woods, I'm thinking I need to explore around there I'm sure there is more riding than just the concessionary bridleway that I always follow. Then we had bacon butties at the cafe. 8.84miles with Andy, good distance if you are getting back into fitness.
Then I headed up to Georges Lane via the Chinese Gardens, I think I saw Matt on his way down (it looked like his bike anyway
!). Then I decided to go down the ICR, not only did I clear it I felt smooth, still going slow but a little faster than last time. I'm glad I've started riding it as I think it is improving my technical riding. Then back up the Commonwealth Downhill and up Matchmore Lane. At this point I have to thank the wind for trying to blow me back to Rivington, I know it was a nice day but I really did have to head home! On the way home I tried a new path that took me out at Smithills Hall, I really need to explore round there as there were lots of paths that looked good for biking.
A great ride!
Average Moving Speed 7.7mph
1155m climbed
Before I went out I lowered my handlebars, I was worried that I wounldn't like it going downhill but it's just made my already wonderful bike better, only problem is that it now looks stupid, so I want to cut down my steerer tube. Searching on the web it talks about hacksaws and using a vice, I think this is beyond me. So do I need to take it to a bike shop or does someone want to do it for me?

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Easy riding

Tonight I was meant to be riding with the NWMTB girlies but just as I was leaving I got texts from the only two who were coming out to play saying they weren't going to make it. At this point I was all dress but I really didn't feel like riding to Ramsbottom to ride on my own so I just headed over to Winter Hill. There is still a diversion in place around the mast which involved a nice boggy walk but it's worth it for the descent. At the bottom I just headed back by road.

Average Moving Speed 8.6mph
Average Speed including stops 8.4mph
Average Heart Rate 146bpm

Sunny Day

It's a lovely sunny day here today, so much so I have washing hanging outside.

Anyway to keep up with my idea of running once a week I headed out today.

Average Heart Rate 164bpm (I got a max of 226bpm though so don't think itwas working great!)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Trail leader award course

Well I'm back home now knowing what I need to work on and that I'll be ready for my assessment when it comes round. So my maintaince was fine, which I was pleasantly suprised with. I obviously know more than I realise. I can do all the skills and the navigation and so in the next month I just need to practise my navigation so it is more intutative - since I tend to ride local trails I just know where to go - and practise the skills as I can do them all but I now want to be able to do them really well.

It was definetly a lovely area of the lakes and reminded me how much I love the lake district. I must make plans to go up there again - I could practice my navigation while I'm there.

Day 2

Lunch stop. Another good day. Headed out on the bikes today. We had wind and hail to start but sun to finish.

Monday, 14 April 2008

TLA day 1

Well day 1 is finished and it's been fun. I won the fix a puncture competition. Now it's back to the hostel and homework time.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Do I need new forks?

So today I have been doing last minute prep on my bike ready for heading up to the lakes. I thought I should make sure it looks loved and not that it has just been sat in my back room for the last two months while I ride my singlespeed. Anyway I have noticed that the forks look nice and worn. In November I had to buy a new shock because of marks like this. So the question is will I have to get new forks or are they fixable, maybe some magic place I can send them could put new stanctions on?

Saturday, 12 April 2008

GPS is great

So today I headed off with Jon to follow my GPS. When we headed up the Belmont Road it started to snow and hail, not the best weather for a long ride. I realised that I had plotted the route along the belmont old road and then the ICR so we didn't got that way on the roadies. By the time we got to Abbey Village the weather had changed and was almost sunny and just got sunnier and sunnier as the ride went on. By the time we got to Waddington it was a lovely day. We had some chips there and then headed back. In Clitheroe we went the wrong way but the GPS beeped at me within 10metres so we knew to turn around. We also missed the road after Whalley but took a road parallel that was probably a little easier.

Thanks to Jon for coming out with me, I'm a lot slower than him so it means I work harder on the hills as he stays just a bit ahead of me and doesn't disappear so I don't give up.

Average Moving speed 12.7mph
Average speed including stops 12.5mph
1714metres of climbing
Average Heart Rate 146bpm (max hr 182bpm)

Friday, 11 April 2008

Plans for tomorrow

I've had my GPS now for ages but the only time I've used it for navigation is in Cambridge. There I headed out for a certain distance then turned round and followed the track back. since getting a new computer I thought it was about time I plotted a route and tried to follow it so this is the plan for tomorrow. I have planned a route using mapmyride and transferred it over, the little map looks fine so tomorrow I will try and follow it. My friend Jon is getting here for 9:30am so we have all day.

The route is 73miles with 792metres of climbing (although that seems a little low to me knowing the terrain, I will see tomorrow)

Wish us luck!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hill repeats are hard!

Well today I was meant to be metting Carolyn and Vikki at 5pm to do hill repeats at the Pike but due to them both having done a hard run yesterday they decided to go for a road ride, well Carolyn has only just got her roadie so I'd be wanting to play if it was me as well! Anyway I wanted to do hill repeats still so I set out on my own. Went round the Pike three times, timing from the bottom to the post where the path splits to go to the top. I only got data for two of the attempts though due to my inability to press the correct button on my watch. I felt like I was slow although I could barely breath and my legs were screaming - so I guess I was doing it right.

Rep 1: 3:32 Average Heart Rate 170bpm
Rep 2: No data
Rep 3: 3:39 Average heart rate 169bpm

Each lap rep involved a climb of 38m over a third of a mile.

I'm wondering if the meds I'm on might be lowering my max heart rate as the highest I got was 182bpm.

It was a nice ride as I took it easy on the way over - took me two miles to remember to use my gears - and easy on the way back so I got to enjoy the scenery.

Overall stats:
Average Moving Speed 9.2mph
Average Speed(including all stops) 8.2mph I'm impressed with this as I stopped to wait for my heart rate to drop completely after every lap.


Well back in January I said i was going to run once a week. In fact to help motivate myself I even entered a Dualthon and then I stopped running at all. I had planned to go running yesterday but I felt quite flu-like and even walking to the shops was the effort so I went today. My aim was to run a local loop without walking and not bother about how long it took. The loop had only 88m of climbing but felt hard, but I ran the whole way!

2.95 miles
33:27 (I know that is very slow)
average heart rate 159


Ali came back from Wales yesterday evening and it was great to see her, even better as she had brought presents back for me. (I never get presents as I'm always spending too much money on me as it is) Anyway she had bought me a camelbak that she found in the sale, womens specific with a big cargo capacity, I think it might be large enough for the bivvy trips I want to do, and a fluffy pink hat (I make my own hats but this one is just so so cute!)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Well I've definetly learnt a few things from yesterdays ride. It's probably the hardest ride I've done all year.

I only took my 2l cambelbak as my 3l was new and I don't like weight on my back on the ss. This was a bad idea as I could have done with 3l, although not too bad as with the bottle on my bike as well it was only on the way home I had ran out of liquid.

I have been worrying if I am mentally strong enough for transwales, yesterday once I started riding home I realised how tired I was. I would have rang Ali to come and get me if she was at home, she wasn't though so I had to get home, I did consider a road route at this point. Anyway I stopped ate some chocolate and an energy gel and just pushed up the climb, then some more chocolate and an energy gel and got back on my bike. Although I was shattered when I got home it showed me that I can do what I plan to - I had it in my head I wanted to do 50miles. So maybe I will manage the mental challenge.

Singlespeeding is hard over long distances, it gets to the stage where you legs need a lower gear and you end up walking more and more, I haven't walked that much since I got my singlespeed. Hopefully doing a long ride on a ss will mean it is easier with gears. I've alot of respect for people who do things like transwales or 24hour solo events on a ss, they are a whole lot fitter than me.

The longest linking stage on transwales, as the route stands, is 83.5km - I covered 83km yesterday. But it took me 9hours and they only allow 8hours. Now I could hope that the riding would be easier but that isn't likey. There are bound to be parts that are at least a push. Also the two longest stages are the wednesday and the saturday(the last day) I'm going to have a lot of miles in my legs by then.

I have found some energy gels that I actually really like, thanks to torq I now will happily be using energy gels.

I slept really badly again last night meaning I am suffering today. Maybe I should have had a bath but it was so late. I really need to sort out this sleep problem I'm having at the moment!

Well I'm sure you'll all bored on reading this now so I'll stop at 6 things.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mud, mud and more mud

So today I had arranged to meet Jo, someone I hadn't rode with before, at rivington at 6pm. I was bringing Ali's lights so she could try night riding. I decided to cycle there the long way, plotted a route measured it as 24.5miles. I decided including stops I could manage an average of 6mph so I left home at 2ish. Took a nice route via Ramsbottom, it got harder after crossing the A666. I did more walking than normal - did I mention I decided to do the ride on my singlespeed?

Got to Rivington at a perfect time and attached the lights to Jo's bike, although we knew we had a lot of light to play with. We decided to head over Winter Hill and then after coming back up follow a path I'd been told about to lead mines clough. Lots of pushing, some wading through knee deep bogs took us to a nice path made of slabs, at this point it was getting dark and at the first stile we stopped got the map out and decided we should have turned left so headed back, back to Jo's car. Think we made it just in time, a guy was just about ready to shut the gate. Then I headed back, pushed my bike up to Georges road. Just couldn't face trying to cycle! Then home the usual way. I was very very tired and it's definetly my longest ever singlespeed ride!

Average Moving Speed 7.5mph
Average Speed including all stops 5.5mph
Meaning I was stopped for nearly three hours
Average Heart Rate 142bpm
1798m climbed

More baby sheep

Not only were these so cute they even let me get close enough 4 a photo!

New kit

I love it when the postman knocks on the door with new stuff for me. Especially as at the moment I'm trying not to spend money. Today he arrived with my new Camelbak Hawg from the nice people at who had 50% off in the sale. I used to have a Hawg and in the end all the zips and straps died, I think this will be the perfect pack for trans-wales.

To do lists

I find that when I make to do lists, all the time I seem to like lists, they just grow and grow and I never get the stuff done as in the end it is just too daunting. So to make it less so I've started a new type of to do list, I have a list for the day with a maximum of three items on (that's enough to feel like I've done something but not enough to worry about it) and a general to do list that if I want I can do something off. I can also use this general list to make my small daily list.

So todays list is:-
  1. Wash towels
  2. Post form back to CycleActive
  3. Book accomodation in Penrith for next week

Should all be doable and I can just ignore the other list for now.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Nag nag nag

Well I don't seem to be going out today unless its in the dark on my own and then my mum lectures me. But I have been a good girl and fixed my puncture, thanks ollie for nagging me. I fixed the tube since I only have two 29er tubes using the park patches that I got the other week so hopefully it'll still be inflated tomorrow.

Sometimes it's the detail of things I love. When I bought my rig the first thing I did was upgrade the brakes, I have to admit it is because I wanted pink brakes, to Hope Mini's. I just love the flowers on the rotors.

The other thing I've done is sort out my bike clothes, they were shoved in a drawer on a shelf, now they are all in the same place and organised into boxes, sometimes I am such a geek.


I was sat here playing on the new computer thinking maybe I should head out for a quick spin in this lovely rain. When I looked at my rig and realised that the rear tyre was flat! It was fine when I got back yesterday, well at least I think it was. Does anyone fancy coming round and fixing it, I'm in a lazy mood.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Baby Sheep

Out on my ride this morning I saw some lambs and knowing how much Ali loves them the minute I was changed after getting home I dragged her out to see them. Lots of bouncing and pictures later she was one happy Ali.

Cruching through the snow

I had been really organised last night and sorted out my chain tension and planned a route

Todays Stats:
21.76 miles
Moving Average 8.3mph
Average including stops 7.3mph
Average Heart Rate 140bmp
704metre climbed

Snow riding

Woke up this morning to snow, well a little bit.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bounce Bounce, Amber Army

Well since Ali's team Cambridge were playing at Droylsden today I suggested we could cycle there. I wasn't planning on going to the football but for a quick ride with Anna but due to bike problems she cancelled and I joined Ali. I've not been to the football at all this season and maybe once last season. I just got bored and noone seemed to sing or enjoy themselves today. Anyway today was good, there was loots of singing and lots of bouncing. I was quite glad Ali asked me to come. What you can't tell in the picture is that I had six layers on and I'm still feeling cold! The best thing was Ali was in a great mood as Cambridge won! At this rate we're hoping they'll be promoted back to the football league.

The ride itself was fun, Ali hasn't done much riding at all recently so I knew it'd be a long way for her, but we kept a steady pace and even on the way home there was no moaning. I think she's remembering how much fun she has biking. So hopefully we'll have some off-road adventures soon.


Moving Average 13.1mph

Average(including stops) 11.2mph

Average heart rate 118bpm

Friday, 4 April 2008


Well Ali suggested to me ages ago that I should have a go at this (Scottish Mountain Bike Leader Award) I really wasn't sure I was/am a good enough rider. But after some discussion and looking at the information on the web I'm going to give it a go and have booked on the Trail Leader Award up in the lakes. Have already filled in my logbook, only needed 20rides so that bit was easy, now need to do some route cards.

I'm very very nervous!

April has begun.

Since I was feeling a lot better I headed out this morning. I'd said I'd be back in time so ALi could come home from work. Got out about 9:30am and headed over to Rivi, usual way. Then down the horse farm descent, up the commonwealth downhill, up the pike. Then back down and down the ICR where I stopped part way down, I know it's in my head as I cleared in the dark last week. Anyway back up Chinese Gardens and along the Belmont Old road where I decided to explore a cheeky footpath that seemed to run parallel to the road. It was quite enjoyable but boggy in places, I only had two stiles to climb over and was wished a good ride by a hill walker. It will mean my average speed for the loop will drop without the Belmont road to fly down. Then it was over to the A666 and time for some more exploring, took a path I've been on before but instead of climbing over the stile and through the golf course I beared right around the side, it was a lovely bit of singletrack and eventually came out via last drop village, a guess got me back to Bromley Cross and then I followed the railway line home.

Did a few new things this ride since I was taking it easy. First thing was I tried a new energy bar.
Didn't really give it much of a chance from the two nibbles I took at the bottom of the commonwealth down so I'll have to try the rest of it later. I'm not too bothered though as I'm happy with Torq bars, it's more gels I want to get used to as I think they might be useful over transwales.

The other thing was I stopped my Garmin auto-pausing so I got an average speed including stops, I need to know I can cover the distances required in transwales near to the time limit with stops, it doesn't matter how fast I'm cycling when I don't include them. It is a little odd and I'd like to be able to see both averages when I'm out on my bike.

Anyway today's stats:
Average moving speed 8.3mph
Average Speed(including stops) 7.2mph
Average Heart Rate 147bpm

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Found some more pics of me.

Not very exciting, these are right at the start. I got cold queuing up so had my jacket on for the first 10miles.