Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cycling as far south as possible

Today the sun came out so we headed off to Lizard Point, two cafe stops, lots of chocolate for me. Watching Ali and Mikey disappear up the hills and 65miles ridden. Lots of fun.

Monday, 27 August 2012

A story in lego

Ali and Katie had a bit of fun yesterday....

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Getting Muddy

Yesterday was spent driving to Cornwall for our holidays. Today the holidays started with a trip to the beach. Ali and Mikey went for a swim, I wimped out after a short paddle. Later we all went for a run before me and Mikey went out on the cross bikes. It was very muddy but lots and lots of fun! Great start to the holidays.

Friday, 24 August 2012

A Thank You Flower

A little girl gave me a pink flower to say thank you for teaching her to ride. Days like this make you forget the rubbish parts of work.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Where is that ball going? Remember I can't work angles. Lots of running. Trying to serve in more than out. Remembering squash is fun. Thanks Sarah.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Making an adventure out of a ride

Today I headed over to Skipton for a gentle ride with friends. I had considered riding but was feeling tired after yesterday so got the train to Clitheroe and rode over. It was a pretty hilly ride and a wrong turning led to me adding a couple of miles and hills and me being five minutes late. Still at least I was ready to go when I got there.

Heading out Kat led us on a lovely ride. It was gentle so no really techy downhills but it was high on the fun factor. I loved it on my cross bike. At one point we came across a guy with a bike who was selling icecream, well it'd be rude not to! At the end Kat provided cake, the perfect ending.

I had managed two punctures on this ride. The first was on the ride, the last near the end and I had nursed it back to Kat's. I fixed it then it exploded, I guess I had caught the inner tube or something. So after the others left I fixed it again, then talked and talked. The route back to Clitheroe was obviously hilly and I wasn't quite fast enough for the train, just missing it. I got some food at tesco and headed back to the station. Checking the trains on my phone I found out the next one was cancel. So I was left with a long wait and a late night. Oddly this made it feel like I was travelling back from a holiday.

It was a great ride and worth the late night, should have brought lights so I could have at least rode part of the way home.

Friday, 17 August 2012

A day of hot chocolates

Today I introduced a twitter friend to Salter Fell. She had 'borrowed' a cross bike (I think the missus knew about it) and we met up at Slaidburn. I decided to get the train to Clitheroe and ride over, only Waddington Fell between the two. I arrived just as the cafe opened so had a hot chocolate while I sheltered from the rain.

We set up in torrential rain but it did ease up. The road seemed easier than last time, unfortunately this was due to a tail wind, meaning we would have a headwind on the way back. I knew that Hannah liked her off-road so I added in an extra bridleway. On the way I spotted a swing and it would have been rude not to have a go on it. A slight navigation error, getting excited by a downhill, led to wading across a scream but otherwise it was a nice diversion.

Into Wray for another Hot Chocolate and a Scone for me. Then the climb, which never gets easier. The rain came again and was really heavy at the top of Salter Fell. No views for us today! Descending went okay, slow but no dabbing!

Back to Slaidburn for more food and a hot chocolate. I eventually stopped talking and rode back to Clitheroe, timing it perfectly and getting there and finding a train waiting.

A fab day even if it was all spent in waterproofs.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Three Peaks Training while commuting

Although I have no expectations of doing well, my aim is survive and for Simon Fell not to seem so impossible this time. Saturdays ride/scramble showed me I can get up steep stuff but slowly. My aim for the Three Peaks is not to run but stomp. Today I rode in off-road and spotted a vertical looking hill for the way home. Getting to Prestwich area I wasn't feeling like it but I stowed my bag at the top of the slope and set off. Down the long way and bike on the shoulder. I realised what I had missed earlier, the path was completely overgrown. This meant my bike got caught up loads, I had to use my hands on occasion and yes it was a lot shorter than Simon Fell. But its all good training and easy to do while commuting home.

There was a fair amount of damage from the recent floods to route6 on my way. My legs are scratched to pieces but it was great fun!

Commuting Off-Road

For the first time since my crash I did my full off-road commute. Rode straight down the crash hill. Unsure why I crashed on it, just one of those things I guess.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Three Peaks CX Training

Started tonight. Rode up a hill, scrambled up to the top of the hill, held onto my brakes for dear life on way down the hill, spun home.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sunshine and Smiles

I met Ali today at the end of her working day (I don't work on Thursday's due to Therapy in the morning but couldn't meet her for lunch due to meeting my mum, so had to make it up to her). It was a perfect evening for a ride, we headed to Horwich along the Middlewood Way and then I headed off into the bushes following some singletrack towards the Barn, it was muddy but fun. Here we had ice-creams, I was hoping it might slow Ali down but she is superfit at the moment! Then it was up to the Pike, where I kind of rode off the back, there was a tiny bit of walking. Then it was home via Smithills. Lovely night, lovely company and lovely views.

It was great to be mountain biking and collarbone didn't complain at all.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Back at Work, Back Commuting

Back at work on Wednesday, commuted in on the road. Remembered that I love commuting.

Friday met Col at 'our' bridge for an off-road commute. Took the easy way to meet him, avoided the crash site. Then stuck to route 6 and no berms. But as always it put a smile on my face.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Not riding at SITS

After our Olympics mini-trip and going back to work this weekend me and Ali made the sensible decision not to race at SITS. It was a really hard decision as I've loved racing at SITS the last few years. But I know its the right decision as I was so tired after the Olympics and I'm only just back at work.

I still wanted to head down and my sister was dog sitting so today I rode down to hers. I made the decision to get the train to Hazel Grove as that meant I wasn't just riding across urban Manchester. Leaving Hazel Grove it was the A6 to Disley and then it was time to get onto minor roads.

Some highlights of the ride:

Lovely roads in Derbshire
The tissington Trail
Donkeys talking to me
Heading over to SITS to say hi to people

Only have to work out how to get back home tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Had a great time down in London. Loved the Olympic Park and think my favourite sport to watch was the handball. We also saw Waterpolo and Beach Volleyball. Unfortunately it was all over too soon and I was back to work on Wednesday, which felt great after so long off. I was over in Merseyside taking a group of kids on a ride down the loop line. Even in the rain we all had fun.

Ali took lots of pictures so hopefully some will appear on here soon.