Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Holidays - Day One

We arrived late yesterday at our little cabin in Sea Palling, it's where we stayed in February and we decided then to see if we could book it for Christmas and we could. This morning we were up early so Ali could go shopping hopefully before all the crowds and get back at a reasonable time for us to spend the day together. I took the boys for a short walk but we avoided the beach as Ali wanted to be there for our first beach walk of the holiday.

We were out and on the beach before 10am and headed up towards Horsey, it was windy but a lovely day. Once we got close to Horsey we had to leave the beach as it was covered in Seals and the boys were a little too interested and neither of us fancied getting too close. This meant a nice walk through the dunes to Horsey where we walked up to the pub. A lovely lunch where George snoozed under the table and Cybi sat looking cute so he got food while it poured with rain outside. Once it was time to leave the rain had stopped so we didn't need to put our waterproofs on!

Back through the dunes and then onto the beach once we were past all the seals. We made it back to Sea Palling just as it got dark. Now we have two sleepy dogs, George is asleep in front of the fire and Cybi on the sofa. Tomorrow is Christmas Day so more beach time but also more time in our cabin while Ali cooks us all a lovely Christmas dinner.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Nighttime Trailquest

I have really neglected my mountain bikes since Cybi moved in but it's hard to find time and we have been running a lot as its something we can enjoy together. After racing bikejor with him I realised I needed to get some bike fitness back and so took my singlespeed out the other week. After noticing there was a night trailquest from Great Longstone (so not too far from home) last night I put an entry in. It's two hours of navigation with the aim being to collect as many points as possible by finding as many control points as possible. I was a little nervous about night riding seeing as its been so long and I'm not feeling very confident on my bike off-road in the light but with where the controls were they were mainly on trails I know well as they were towards my house. I planned a route and set off, grabbing the first control easily...well a little bit of back and forth at the point to spot it in the dark. Then it was time to start climbing, I was pleased with my riding making sure I didn't push too hard but felt I was covering the distance okay. I had to make some decisions as to which controls to go for near the end as time felt like it was getting tight, missing out one of my planned controls. I rolled in with 4minutes to spare and 10 controls ticked off. I was pleased with my timing and route selection. I had forgotten how much harder it is to navigate in the dark, even when you know the trails. No idea if it was a reasonable score overall but a lovely ride, 15miles in total, and great to get out on the mountain bike.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Mam Tor Ridge

In last months Trail magazine there was a walking loop from Castleton taking in the Mam Tor Ridge. I thought it would make a fab run and suggested it to Vikki. Today we met in Castleton at 10am to give it a go. Turned out a lovely day for it with clear enough skies to see the lovely views.
On the way up to Lose Hill I had George who was in heaven with lots of new sniffs and blades of grass to pee on, he even had a couple of woogles. I was a little jealous as Cybi dragged Vikki up the hill, we were both walking a lot as it was steep. On the first techy descent we swapped dogs, cybi was still on one and apparently listens a bit better to me, meanwhile George was the perfect descending partner unless I got too far behind when he stopped dead! Along the Ridge is stunning and we ticked off Hollins Cross and Mam Tor itself before heading across to the Limestone Way. After some nice easy running we got to Cave Dale, slippy and Limestone so we were all walking. Fortunately Cybi had calmed down by now. This dropped us out in Castleton.

Just under 8miles and a lovely loop.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race

I haven't ran without least one of the dogs since the Stoney Middleton Fell Race during Well Dressing week, before that I can't remember. But I kept seeing banners for the Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race when walking the dogs to meet Ali and decided to enter as it was close and looked a great route. On the morning Ali dropped me off to register, an easy process as I had pre entered (fortunately as it had sold out two weeks before the race). Then she parked and her and the boys walked back to see me before the start.

The race starts by going up a road climb, I really missed the cybi power at this point but it was a short climb then back down to the main road where Ali and the boys were cheering me on. We were soon in Tideswell Dale before heading up into the hills. Round to Litton Stack and then we dropped to Litton Mill. I knew the next section would be wet as it had been in Wednesday when I went round the route with the boys. Well it was a lot deeper now, I think if George had been there I would have been carrying him! It was quite fun splashing through and as always stunning. Out at Cressbrook Mill and another Road climb, more missing cybi power. Then up up to the trig point where there was a Christmas tree. But from here it was heading back.

The next bit was downhill, on one off camber bit I managed to slide over but it was a soft landing. The steep downhill into Cressbrook Dale I seemed to lose any ability I had to run downhill but knowing the descent meant I caught a few who had passed me by dropping onto the path while they were still contouring. At the bridge at the bottom there were jelly babies, just what was needed for the climb up Litton Dale.

The last bit is hard as you are nearly at the finish but instead of turning right into Litton you go right and along another muddy path to the road we started on. With impeccable timing Ali was at the road crossing with the boys to cheer me on (they'd been for their own walk) and they had time to get to the finish to cheer me across the line.

The race had a lovely atmosphere and I wasn't last, which I was worried about as there were only two behind me at the Stoney Race. I did miss the boys but could be tempted by some more fell races.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Litton Christmas Cracker route recce

I've enter the Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race this coming Sunday, although the route is partly marked as a fell race some navigation is required. Today me and the boys headed out to run/navigate round the route. It was nice and easy to follow and a lovely route. Some of it I knew already but the new bits were brilliant, I would never have gone up to the trig point if it wasn't for this and the views were stunning. I'm now happy I know the way for Sunday and all I have to do is run which us going to feel odd without the boys.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

6: Monsal Head Loop

We met early for this loop as we both have car park passes that mean we can park in Derbyshire Dales car parks for free up to 11am. The route drops down onto the Monsal Trail along to the Litton Tunnel where it goes up towards Brushfield and along trails I have rode along before back to the Monsal Trail.
We made a mistake at the start and took the wrong path down meaning we added an extra mile through Monsal Dale, not a problem as it was lovely if a little muddy. The route was really easy to follow and easy running till we left the Monsal Trail where the path was steep and had us all walking, obviously Cybi and George could have ran if they weren't attached to us.
Just as we got back to the Monsal Trail Cybi saw a squirrel and darted, the clip on my end of his line snapped and he was off. Hunting for him I soon found him with a squirrel in his mouth, I can't believe he caught it! Clips have all been upgraded to carabiners now!

Monday, 30 November 2015

22: Tissington Trail and Dove Dale

A very wet day and Vikki and I met at Tissington, I was glad we had arranged to meet as otherwise I probably would have put going out off and ended up having to run in the dark as well as the rain. The route sets off along the Tissington Trail towards Thorpe, a nice easy start, then through Thorpe and down to Dove Dale which is stunning I can't believe I've never been here before. A little bit of road to bring us back onto the Tissington Trail and back to Tissington with ten miles on the Garmin.
Back at the car and both me and Vikki were soaked, the boys waterproofs had done their job and they were both dry under their coats, which were drenched. I was glad I had brought clothes to change into even if it did mean stripping in the village. Definitely a route to repeat, maybe in the dry.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mini Mountain Marathon

It seems ages ago that Hannah and I entered this event and with the weather forecast I wasn't sure I was really looking forward to it. All we knew when we entered was that it was in the Peaks somewhere, turns out that was Greenfield which is probably as far north as you can get and still be in the Peak. An early start so we could get an early start, you could start anytime between 8:15am and 10am.

The weather was as forecast and I set off in full waterproofs, Hannah was soon putting her trousers on as well! I had only done my navigation course two weeks ago which meant it was all fresh in my mind. Happily I didn't get us lost and we got to all the control points we aimed for. Unfortunately after two hours we knew if we tried to make a circular route we would be back late so we retraced our steps. Our score was pretty low but we'd had a great time in the hills.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

10: Chatsworth loop

On Wednesday Vikki and I met at Baslow to run the Chatsworth loop from the book. I've been on a couple of bridleways the other side of Chatsworth but never actually been on the footpaths. It was a lovely run on a mixture of made trails, a bit of tarmac and of course some mud. We only had George with us as Cybi hadn't been very very well. George was a bit unsure of the gate on the way into Chatsworth Estate, you went into a cage, turned it round and walked out.
A lovely 10km loop and one definetly to be repeated.

Monday, 23 November 2015

New book

So last week I bought a new book. It is full of trail runs round the Peak District. On the day I bought it (from the bookshop at Hassop Station who ordered it in so I could have a look with no pressure to buy if I didn't want to) it turns out I had run one of the routes with Vikki and the boys, just in reverse as I prefer not to run down a gravelly downhill with Cybi attached. Only one of the other routes is one I've ran, Curbar as Froggatt and White Edges, which is a favourite of mine. So I bought the book and aim to run as many of the loops as possible. One or two are a bit far away but lots within half an hour. I'm sure the boys will enjoy exploring with me and it means I can practice my navigation.
List of routes:
1: Langsett
2: The Monsal Trail - I had ran this a number of times before buying the book.
3: Derwent
4: Burbage Valley
5: Gradbach
6: Monsal Head - 27/11/2015
7: Froggatt, Curbar & White Edge - One of my favourite local loops that I've ran regularly before buying the book.
8: Ladybower Trail Run
9: Shining Tor
10: Chatsworth - 25/11/2015
11: Windgather Rocks
12: Macclesfield Forest & Wildboarclough
13: Miller's Dale
14: Carsington Loop - Ran this during the Dark and White trail run event here.
15: Black Hill & Laddow Rocks
16: Stanage
17: Hope Valley Train run: Edale-Chinley
18: Chinley Skyline
19: Kinder Downfall from Hayfield
20: Tissington Trail and Dove Dale - 30/11/2015
21: Bleaklow Bash
22: Tour of Kinder

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Unheated swimming.

Last week Vikki mentioned she was going swimming, I was lamenting the fact I hadn't got round to going to Hathersage Pool before the season closed (it's a heated outdoor pool). It turns out that is where she was going as they do limited sessions of unheated swimming throughout November and into December. Next thing I knew I had talked myself into joining her. The water temperature was 19°C so invigorating but not cold cold cold. It was so much fun and reminded me how much I enjoy swimming.

Next Thursday I was there again this time in a wetsuit, the water temperature was 12.5 °C and Vikki was very jealous of my wetsuit. This time I managed to swim 1km and was looking forward to the next swim. So Saturday Sarah (who's in the photo - taken by Vikki) came over from Leeds. All three of us were in wetsuits and glad of it! The water temperature was once again 12.5°C but the air temperature was 0°C, there was even snow in the hills. I had to persuade myself to get in and the first two lengths were hard, but once I got going, as long as I didn't stop, it was okay. Well except for my googles struggling to stay sealed and letting water I'm, think the temperature was just too low for them. Managed another kilometre but the getting out and changed was hard... It was freezing.

Looking forward to going again on Thursday, can't believe how much fun it is. Especially as I normally get too cold to even paddle in the sea when on holiday and Ali is paddling.

First snow of the winter.

Although they had been talking about the possibility of snow this weekend when I went to bed last night the forecast was showing rain and it didn't look like it was likely to snow. But this morning there was a layer of the white stuff. It was crispy icy stuff as oppose to the nice white fluffy stuff, but it's still snow!

Ali had to go into work so she dropped me and boys off partway there to run home. Well I say run there was a lot of walking and mincing over the icy sections by me. Through Eyam I really could have done my yak traxs, but somehow I did stay upright!

Only 4.5miles but it was a stunning 4.5miles.

Clearing my head

Not sure why this didn't post when I wrote it a few weeks back... 

It'd been a busy day rushing around, first to a school to do a Dr bike and then back to make a Dr's appointment. One of the reasons I think I've struggled a bit recently is I've been working a lot more than my contracted hours, I will get the time back but it's left me overtired and struggling. So i decided to headed out with the boys for a run. I had a look at the map and spotted two paths I hadn't ran before that could make a nice loop out via combes Dale and back via Tideswell lane and Eyam. It was a lovely day, one of the paths was a bit non existent but the other lovely. Coming out on the main road I decided we were having too much fun to just head up Tideswell lane so we headed along to silly Dale before heading back. It was a lovely loop and I am so lucky having the boys to share it with.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Edges - White, Froggatt and Curbar

I suggested to Vikki we run up at the Edges this afternoon as it was lovely out. So glad we did as the views were stunning.  We could hear the stags most of the run and at one point saw a couple. On Froggatt we met some cows with calves who were a bit too interested in us. I hid in the bracken with the boys whike Vikki circled them and moved them alone. Lovely run and definitely one of my favourite loops.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Canicross Midlands race weekend at Box End

So the canicross season has started, this year the Canicross Midlands races are at some different venues and the first weekend was at Box End Park near Bedford. This is too far to travel each day so we were camping. It was a stunning location right next to the lake and we could watch the wake boarders. It was also only a couple of miles from Bedford so we had takeaway for tea on both Friday and Saturday evenings and didn't need to cook. Both of us had Friday off work so we could travel down in the day.

On Saturday Cybi and I ran the 5k in the morning. It was a little warmer than ideal for running with Cybi so he had a few dips in the Lake. As always he worked really hard and was a star. After a quick rest I ran with both Cybi and George over  the short course (3.2km). George shocked me when he went for it off the start line as although he obviously enjoys coming running with me and Cybi he tends to trot along and not really pull. As soon as they said go he was off and I had to work hard to stay on my feet. I was really proud of him as he even managed some overtaking. Me and the boys then spent the afternoon relaxing while Ali went to the football in Cambridge.

Sunday morning I ran the same combination. In the open we had mini mass starts with four starting at a time, usually we start at 20second intervals. Cybi was a star and got us to the first corner first but I couldn't keep that pace up and we were a little slower than Saturday. In the short course I was ready for George to go at the start and he pulled really well for the whole race. We came in slightly faster than Sunday and George coped with us being overtaken by quite a few from the class behind us.

All that was left was to pack up, which Ali being the star she is did most of while I was at prize giving. The boys were both brilliant all weekend, I was so proud of them.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dark and White trail run - Goyt Valley

After last months dark and white trail run at Carsington Water I was quick to enter the next event at the Goyt Valley. George had cried at being left behind as I ran with just Cybi. So today I ran with both of them. The route had everything. We were soon in singletrack the boys somehow managed to run side by side even though I barely fit along some of the bits. Then it got a bit boggy, Cybi managed to find a deep but of bog and sank right into it and needed some help getting out. It was a lot hillier than the last one and with it being technical underfoot the downhills were taken slowly.

As we got on the more open tracks the 5k runners caught us, having set off later, and before we knew it we were at the feed zone. I had some juice but the boys were fine after enjoying the many muddy puddles we had passed. George was doing well and even coped with an off lead dog running up to him. I was starting to find the hills hard but with both the boys smiling they kept me going.

Finishing we had missed out on a gold time by 7minutes but all three of us had had a lovely time and the boys were so well behaved. We're all tired after the 17km.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A lovely wander with the boys

After a lovely day in the hills with Hannah yesterday she was a little broken and Ali is still struggling with her ankle that she sprained a couple of months ago so we decided to go to the yonderman and have one of their amazing breakfasts for lunch. While the other two went in the car I walked there with Cybi and George (George is a foster dog who has been with us a week). It was a lovely day and only right at the end did we end up going through a field of sheep. The three of us were loving it. After food I decided to walk back as it was such a nice day, since George had seemed fine (trying to build his exercise up slowly) both the boys walked back with me.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Spring Showdown

At Easter it was the Canicross Midlands Spring Showdown which was four days of racing at Catton Park. We were going to be camping as it's just a little too far to head down everyday. Unfortunately Ali sprained her ankle quite badly the week before and Cybi and I had to go on our own, I have to admit I was worried about camping with Cybi on my own as he can be a bit of a handful.

As it turned out he was fine, settled best if I wasn't there and once popped in my sleeping bag at night so lights didn't disturb him slept fine, one morning we both slept till 8am!

The racing itself was fun and muddy. I had entered us unto the 10k in Sunday, turns out only ten of us were crazy enough to run the longer route, and we loved it even though it was a little warm for cybi.

It was a great weekend but I really missed Ali as she'd have loved it.

A bit of practise for Saunders

We were meant to be at the Welsh Ride Thing this weekend but Ali has a sprained ankle and would like me about, she'd also really struggle to walk the dogs. So Hannah and I planned a little adventure, which went from biking and bivvying in the Peak, to a training walk (with maybe a bit of running) but sleeping in beds since the weather overnight wasn't meant to be that great.

We choose four points on the map, the plan being to navigate between them and hence practise our navigation as well. Ali dropped us off at Great Hucklow so we were a little closer to the first point. We got very close to the first point, a trip point, but it wasn't assessible without climbing over walls and walking on gliding club land so we had to make do with a wave. Onto our next point and that was easily ticked off before dropping into Hathersage, we had quite a steep down where Cybi wanted me to go faster than I could! I think Hannah was glad she didn't have a dog attached to her at that point.

Our next point was a Fort in the hills outside Hathersage, well being a Fort on the top of a hill. It was brilliant up there though and worth the climb. We then descended to longshaw Estate, planning on grabbing a drink at the cafe, which was shut meaning it was later than we had realised. It also started to rain so we made a quick call to Ali and arranged for her to collect us at Grindleford Station, which was a lovely walk through Padley Gorge to finish the walk.

14.5miles in total.

Monday, 20 April 2015

A weekend in Wales

I'd seen an 8.5miles trail race for canicrossers at coed brenin mentioned on the Canicross Angelsey Facebook page and realised it was a weekend Ali was down in Cambridge. A little persuasion and I had entered and booked camping in Wales so cybi and I could go on a social run on the Sunday as well.
Friday, feeling more than a little nervous,  I packed the car and headed to Wales. Arriving at the campsite I discovered we were the only ones on the tent field so could choose a pitch, which meant I could put the tent up away from the road and any headlights passing to disturb cybi. I also discovered they did breakfast rolls which they delivered to the tent. The place was very dog friendly and has an enclosed field for exercise, I even let cybi have some off lead time.
Saturday and the day of the race turned out to be warmer than was ideal for cybi and he was overexcited from us getting up, think he knew we were running as we've only camped before running recently. This meant he was barking lots in the car on the way, we were also early but that made parking easy. Registration was easy and the race number had our names printed on, a nice touch. We had our own briefing quarter of an hour after the main race had set off and then it was time for our first mass start. Cybi had been shadow chasing all day with the sun and he's been very excited recently at the start of races so I was a little concerned but as soon as we were off he was completely focused and trying to get past everyone, impossible with me attached! Soon the race settled down and we were swapping places in a group of four, mainly running with Buster and his human. Apparently Cybi was a good influence and really encouraged Buster to pull. The race was hilly and the trails technical but there were only two downhills I walked. Any bit of water and Cybi would stop, it really was a bit too hot for him. At the halfway drinks station I checked his paws as there were a lot of gravel tracks but they seemed okay, I was carrying boots just in case. My feet were a bit sore, maybe I should have put paw wax on as well.  The finish was uphill but cybi still had enough in him for a finish sprint! Being in Wales everyone knew how to say his name so calling him was very effective. Once we finished he was back to shadow chasing, obviously not tired.
Another night camping, another night walking up on the floor of the tent with Cybi stretched out on the sleeping mat! I packed up and drove us over to Newborough Beach for the Canicross Angelsey social run. We were there early enough for a walk along the beach, nice as we are about as far from the sea as you can get where we live. The run was lovely, round the forest and along the beach. Cybi wanted to be at the front the whole time! On the beach we let the dogs cool off in the sea, cybi being a silly boy decided to drink the sea. Near the end of the run her stopped pulling and was sick. Sea water didn't agree with him at all. He was sick a few times so I got him back to the  car and got him some fresh water. While I was worrying about him he was soon back to normal!
Then it was time for the long drive home. Fortunately a tired Cybi slept the whole way. We had a fab weekend, just wish Ali could have joined us.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mini adventures

Yesterday Ali was off to the football so Cybi and I had a couple of mini adventures. The first one was when we walked to Spar picked up lunch then walked the long way back, stopping by the river to eat lunch.

Then in the evening we walked over to Hassop Station, it was a lovely evening for a walk and we even saw hairy coos. I had pizza and then we walked home, the last part of the walk was in the dark. We were home just before Ali and all three of us were ready for bed.

A morning run

Cybi and I have a race in Wales next week so I need some miles in my legs otherwise it's going to hurt a lot. I also want Saunders to hurt a bit less this year so need to do some hills and get used to wearing a rucksack. Since its now getting busy out here at the weekends I drove us up to Cubar Gap for 730am and we set off along Cubar Edge. It was a lovely morning and we were just jogging along, with lots of stops for photos. We continued along Froggatt Edge and then up to White Edge, here we saw deer. We finished off with Baslow Edge getting back to the car just as people seemed to be arriving, we saw about four people the whole run and had a great time easily doing the distance, maybe next time I'll try and move a bit faster.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Monyash Audax

A while ago I suggested to Hannah that we did the Wednesday audax over Easter, we had enjoyed it last year when we rode with Sarah, Al, Ros and Julie. Hannah suggested we did the hilly one for a change this year. Although I hadnt done much riding since last summer I thought why not, anyway it would motivate me to do some riding. But before I knew it it was Easter and I hadn't done much riding.

After some bike fettling in the car park and a second breakfast at Costa we were on our way. The weather was stunning and I was glad I had put sun cream on. The route was brilliant but definetly hilly with some steep steep hills. Hannah has been riding more and so she was powering up the hills while I plodded along. By the end I was sore but happy after a great day in the saddle.

Just over 100k with over 2000m climbing was a brutal reintroduction to riding.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Running in the hills

Although we live surrounded by hills I've mainly avoided going up or downhills with Cybi, mainly as I'm rubbish at descending even without a dog attached to me. But I'm only get better at hills if I do it so out we went today and straight up the hill to Eyam. I count it as running although Cybi decided it was too slow even to trot and walked! The downhills I was just a wimp but I don't think I was any slower than when I used to run without him and it's more fun running with him though and I can always walk the more scary downhills.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


I've got really behind with this blog! Back I'm February we went to Norfolk for the week. I had found a cabin nestled in the sand dunes for us to stay in for the week. It was a perfect week, long walks along the beach, pub lunches, seals on the beach and time with Cybi and Ali. We're already planning a return.

A Wednesday wander

The other Wednesday we had lovely weather here so cybi and I parked at Cressbrook and walked over to Tideswell to meet Ali for lunch. I hadn't been along the path between Cressbrook and Litton Mill before but it's stunning, as well as very muddy. You can see that it floods easily, lots of signs warning about this. Then through the lovely Tideswell Dale before picking up sandwiches for lunch with Ali.

On the way back we found one geocache and had one we didn't find. Lovely day and so lucky to live here.

More canicross adventures.

Once again we were at Elland Lodge for two days of racing with Canicross Midlands. After having to carry Cybi across the last water crossing a month ago, he put the brakes on and refused to cross, my aim was to get him to cross it. We've been practising in the stream in. The village, my wading in and tempting cybi in with treats. Well it worked both Saturday and Sunday he went through, I did carry a treat and it was needed to tempt him in but once in he went across, I was so proud of him. On the Sunday we also ran a PB for the course 25:14.4 which was super speedy for me.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hartlepool adventure

Cambridge United were playing Hartlepool today so the three of us headed North. After lunch by the beach, it was very windy with sand flying into our eyes, we dropped Ali near the ground and then I parked by the sea and Cybi and I headed out on a geocaching adventure. The first cache we unfortunately didn't find but after that we started having more luck. Did a nice little circuit and added some more smiley faces to the map.

Monday, 5 January 2015

High up caches

Ali was back at work on Saturday so Cybi and I headed over to Fairholmes to meet Lou and Cybi for some geocaching. I had decided we should try and bag the three highest geocaches in Yorkshire since the weather forecast was good. Meeting at 9am we stopped at the kiosk for second breakfast before heading into the hills. First geocache found it was time to head high, a bit of bog trotting took us up on the edge where the three caches are located. Up there it was windy, no chance of talking to each other and cold. At one point I decided to get my bothy bag out so we could at least hear each other, it's impressive how well it works, although getting in it was hard work! It was at this point my map got blown away!

Dropping down we were all glad to be out of the wind and we walked a slightly longer way back to the cars via a few more caches. We got back just as it got dark. In total we did nearly 16miles, Cybi was definitely tired.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Years Eve

For Christmas Ali bought me a tent more suitable than our current one for backpacking as i want Cybi to come on our adventures and I'm not sure about bivvying with him. So obviously we had to have an adventure to try the tent out. New Years Eve being ideal, like the last time we went for a wild camp on New Year there was snow on the ground!

We all headed out with big rucksack, yes Cybi has his own and carried his warm coat and food. It's harder to pack when you don't have handlebars to strap your sleeping bag and mat to. We went via the local shop for some food where I realised I had forgotten the sporks, so back home before heading up in the hills. It felt hard with the rucksacks and the snow. Once we were up high we found a random snow free patch which wasn't boggy. We set the tent up and put some warm layers on. Ali then got the stove out and... It didn't work. Not great so we had the bread that was for our breakfast bacon rolls with bubbles. Partway through my first cup I was trying to work out what was in my mouth, it was a tiny slug like thing, yuk! After we finished the first bottle of bubbles we decided to bed down. I vaguely woke up to the fireworks at midnight but otherwise we all slept quite well.

Morning came and when we opened up the tent we were surprised to see most of the snow had gone, explains why I wasn't even cold when not fully in my sleeping bag! We packed up and headed home, via the shop for more bread so we could have bacon rolls once we got home.

Despite the few problems we all had a lovely time and I can't wait for our next adventure.