Monday, 5 December 2016

Getting a long run in.

After a busy week at work, including working Wednesday when I would usually try and do my long run I ended up with only Sunday left to do it and no motivation. Fortunately I have the best training partners and headed out first with Cybi and George. I wan't to run a certain path in the opposite direction from previously and wondered if a path I've used on the bike would take me far enough the main road.

The path did take me a fair way but not as far as expected so there was some running on the main road to Bakewell which meant I kept stopping to get the woofs off the road. But it was worth it to link in the other path on a stunning morning. We ran 8 miles and only saw two other people.

After getting home and sorting the boys out with PJ's and their breakfast I headed out with Chip to run to Tideswell to meet Ali. We went via Eyam and along the fields, there are lots of stone stiles this way and notmally Chip needs help over them, not today she was climbing them like a pro.

Once in Tideswell we grabbed lunch and spent some time with Ali before heading home on tired legs, this time staying the other side of the main road. I definitely had tired legs and the final descent to home was the slowest I had ever ran it. Chip on the otherhand was still running like a pro on her longest run yet.

So 21.5 miles with 900m of climbing. Maybe I will manage to ultra in Jan.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Wet wet wet

Another run with Helen. After a very wet run round Cressbrook on Monday we stayed local and set off up Coombes Dale. Not far along and we were running up a fast flowing river. It was cold! I was impressed chip just kept going. I have never seen Coombes Dale so wet and was glad to come out of the river when we got higher. A nice 5 mile run.

A run along the edges.

The Early Morning Crew suggested a Thursdays run and since I was working from home I could run and still get home in time to work. We met at Curbar Gap and had a lovely run along Baslow, White, Froggatt and Curbar Edges. Definely one of my favourite runs and lovely to stay in the dark and finish I'm the light.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Betws y coed trail challenge

The Saturday in Wales we headed down to Betws y Coed for the trail challenge. After registering I took Cybi and George out for a run, we ran some of the 5k course, some of the 10k and some other linking trails. Added up to 6k all together and we all enjoyed it. An hour later I was getting Chip ready for the 10k start. It's starts straight uphill and Chop was very unsure on this bit. I think we were overtaking too many people and it meant too many dogs about so it was scary. Once it started to spread out she settled into her running and we were having fun. Unfortunately somewhere we missed a sign and a group of us ended up well off course and we had to turn round and go back. Coming into the finish and I had akr any ran 12k. But it was a lovely location. Although we stayed between two of the waves these group start races aren't for me. But I definitely would like to do more running round there. 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Tissington Trail and Dovedale

Every since I ran this loop with Vikki and the boys last year in torrential rain I wanted to return and run the loop in better weather. On Wednesday I had arranged to meet a friend for a long run so it seemed ideal. We decided to meet at a car park on the A515 as it would be quiet for dogs waiting in cars. The plan was one loop one way and then switch dogs and run another loop the other way. Four of us met at 8am for the first loop, the car park was super windy but fortunately once on the trail it was nice and sheltered. I tool cybi and George for the first loop and was chatting I took us too far down the transpennine trail so we had to turn round which added an extra couple of kilometres, oops.

The weather was ideal and the trail nice and quiet. Back at the cars and kettle on before heading out with chip. She was unsure at first as we started on road but once we got on the trail she was fab and pulled me the whole way round (no extra miles this time). I was very glad of the company of Jennie as it was hurting and without that and Chip pulling I would have been walking. I was very glad to get back to the car park where I cooked us both sausages. Cybi helped himself to a bit of Jennie's sandwich, cheeky boy.

A total of 21miles, really pleased with that.

Canicross Anglesey 5k race

I had a good night's sleep in Bumble with the woofs and arrived at Newborough Forest nice and early so we all went for a walk. The beach had quite a few off lead dogs so we stuck to the forest which seemed to smell nice as the woofs constantly had their heads down. Back and registered I was number 22 so early off (it was a paired start so different for me). At briefing they explained how the route was signed using an odd system of circles and squares (think it comes from sled dog racing) I was a little concerned having gone the wrong way the day before but turns out I didn't need to worry as it was brilliantly marked.

I got cybi and Chip down to the start early so I could find a spot to wait out of the way they were pretty good only starting to go crazy when we went to the start. I got a little confused as number 21 wasn't there so started about 5 seconds late. We set off fast with Cybi and Chip both pulling as hard as possible with me trying to run up sandy hills. The course was lovely and we were gaining on someone ahead of us till cybi stopped for a poo. We were caught by one person so the seeding worked well. I was really proud of how they ran and had a great time.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Chips first Bikejor race

When the start list came out for Novembers Midlands race I realised it was ideal for Chip. We wouldn't catch the people in front and behind was her foster dad with his dog who she loves so wouldn't be scared if went past and then scooters which shouldn't catch us. Cybi seemed a bit tired so I decided to give her a go. She was a little scared at the start and needed a bit of encouragement but then she ran like a pro, only veering off course twice (once at the end) to look at something. We were never caught either! Cybi ran on the Saturday and was tired so I decided to bike Chip again on the Sunday. This time she was keen to get going at the start, woofing away! An early stop as she needed a poo meant our friend Ruth nearly caught us but we managed to hold them off. We were first in our category both days and on the Saturday we were the 5th fastest wheels time over all the categories. I was super proud of her and it looked like she was having a great time. I felt so bad not biking Cybi and if he isn't as tired in December they can do a day each. There is also a new 3k category which will be ideal for him now he is getting older.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Calver Fell Race

Wednesday I realised at lunchtime it was the Calver Fell Race. I had already been running with the boys in the morning and then swimming so maybe it wasn't the best day. A quick message to Jen and we'd both decided to run it. This time I left Jen to it starting up near the front and I made my way to the back. This meant a slightly stop/start beginning but I didn't have people constantly streaming past me which meant I felt more confident. This race basically climbs for couple of miles, contours for a but, another steep climb. Then downhill to Calver, where there is a sneaky climb before heading back to the finish. I walked nearly all the uphill but this left me with energy when descending and I felt like I really was running the descent. It's my favourite local descent and it was nice to run it dogless (also faster).

5miles, I finished in 56minutes. Near the back of the field but I was happy with my run.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Cressbrook Crawl Fell Race

I kept seeing signs for this when I went to meet Ali for lunch and I vaguely wondered about doing it. Mentioning it to a friend the day before on a run she was also vaguely thinking about it. We exchanged a few messages that evening and decided to do it. As I don't tend to run without a dog it was going to be interesting. The day was sunny but not silly hot although too hot for cybi so a good day for a fell race.

The parking was at the bottom of the hill and registration at the top, so that was a nice warm up! The start was on the road outside Cressbrook Club going up a bit before heading down to Litton Mill. Then up the huge hill to cross the Monsal trail and beyond. The scenery the whole way round was stunning and the route really clearly marked and on clear trails so easy to follow. There were some new bits to me and some of definetly want to run again. The finish is back up the hill to the club, a hell of a road climb and I have to admit I walked half of it.

I found I felt like I was going backwards on the uphills but surprised myself bu feeling good descending and managing to overtake people on descents. Obviously cybi's training is working (dragging me downhill as fast as possible). I certainly wasn't fast but I enjoyed it and although I missed the boys it was a nice change. Cybi wasn't impressed that I went running without him it has to be said.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

A run with all the weather.

This Wednesday heavy snow was forecast but when I arrived at Vikki's on Wednesday morning it was looking like it might rain but no sign of snow. We had a 15mile run planned and after a slight detour after setting off the wrong way we were on track. Then the snow came... Horizontally. We couldn't even see the exit from the field we were in. It should have been runnable but we were walking unable to see much. I decided I should put my waterproof on as I was beginning to get cold. At the next wall (so we could shelter) waterproof trousers were added. The snow abated slightly which meant we were moving slightly faster.

After a while the sun came out and we're thinking of taking layers off... The weather obviously realised that and it started hailing then back to horizontal snow. When that stopped we found ourself wading down a river that was where the path should be.

It was hard but a fun run.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Showing off the Peak

A friend of mine from Canicross Midlands fancied a run in the Peak having never been to the Peak. I suggested the Edges loop and we met today at 10am, the weather was lovely nice and cold for running but sunny and clear. Lots of people were out enjoying the weather, for the first time I think I saw more people than deer on White Edge. Lovely run.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A loop from Tideswell

With the lovely weather I took a long lunch today and ran with the boys from Tideswell. We set off along Tideswell Dale which was nice easy running, up some steps and into the Monsal Trail. We were making good time, even with a few stops when there were off lead dogs. We left and headed up the Pennine Bridleway, this time I even managed to run some of the switchbacks. From here there was some exploring of footpaths, including a bit and to-ing and fro-ing to find the right on. After seeing a squirrel on a downhill there was a bit of walking before getting to the road. Here the route said straight on, straight on was under water so there was some wading and very little running. Beautiful though. After this a little but of road dropped us back into Tideswell just in time to meet Ali for lunch. Nice to get out in the sun for a change.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Totley Moor 5miler

I had suggested a loop in Totley Moor to Vikki, a place I keep meaning to run as I pass it so often on the way to work. This morning we met up on a wet drizzly day. Coats on (including Cybi and George) and we were in our way. Hoping over a stile to be greeted by a sheep got the boys quite excited and the mud was testing Vicki's trainers, she ended up on the floor a couple of times. Looping round and just before the last hill George got excited, then a deer ran across in front of us. Cue two dogs barking and wanting to go go go. I got George back and had a turbo boost off both of them up to the trig point. From there it was a short downhill back to the track we had started on and back to the car. Lovely loop and another one to add to the list to run in nice weather.