Monday, 13 June 2016

Calver Fell Race

Wednesday I realised at lunchtime it was the Calver Fell Race. I had already been running with the boys in the morning and then swimming so maybe it wasn't the best day. A quick message to Jen and we'd both decided to run it. This time I left Jen to it starting up near the front and I made my way to the back. This meant a slightly stop/start beginning but I didn't have people constantly streaming past me which meant I felt more confident. This race basically climbs for couple of miles, contours for a but, another steep climb. Then downhill to Calver, where there is a sneaky climb before heading back to the finish. I walked nearly all the uphill but this left me with energy when descending and I felt like I really was running the descent. It's my favourite local descent and it was nice to run it dogless (also faster).

5miles, I finished in 56minutes. Near the back of the field but I was happy with my run.