Monday, 6 October 2008

Off-road again

Somehow recently I just seem to be riding on road, I'm really enjoying my road riding at the moment. Anyway today I realised I could get a 4 hour ride in as long as I left the house by 8:30am So I was up and out on my trek nice and early. I headed over to Rivington and then over to Healey Nab before heading back. Legs didn't seem to have much in them, if I tried pushing hard on a hill they gave up! Back just inside 4 hours so I was happy.

My Garmin Stats:
29.7 miles @ 8.2mph
960m climbed
Average HR 127bpm


  1. How were the trails after the deluge ?

  2. Not too bad actually, everything I went on was rideable. Even the woods at Healey Nab which I usually avoid once winter sets in!