Thursday, 30 October 2008

Some days are just hard.

I headed out to do a ride that I had done back in September. That day I was really pleased with my average speed and really enjoyed the ride. Today was a little different. I was struggling from the start, I stopped at one point and looked at my average speed, after that I decided I would just be happy to get round. I managed to find an improved way round Preston, no dual carriageway flyovers this time, although I think I went the long way round! So maybe it can be improved on again! After that I began to feel worse, headachey and feverish. I was glad when I got home. I'm guessing I've picked up some little bug or something.

Garmin Stats:
83.84miles @ 12.5mph
1715m climbed
Average HR 139bpm


  1. Not sure there is an easy way round Preston! It looks like you came in from Woodplumpton then back out past Farington (not far from me). I can have a think about a way through for you.

  2. i guess sometimes you have to listen to your body, maybe you do need a bit of a rest.

  3. Exactly the plan for today, watch some bad tv and rest! I had hardly done anything while I was away so I was expecting to be rested. Think I have a bit of a cold though.

  4. Are you measuring your rest heart rate in the mornings? Good way of detecting early warning signs of colds, flus and overtraining.

  5. I do try to when I am at home, if I remember! But I forgot my heart rate strap when I was away so it never happened! I thought I'd got through a bug on tuesday night as I woke up all sweaty like you do when you have been feverish, rested wednesday and felt fine on thursday morning. But hey another day of rest won't do me any harm.