Sunday, 12 October 2008

More cyclo-cross

Since Ali has hurt her ankle she decided not to ride today so I was free to go to the cyclo-cross in Blackly. I rode there and arrived with time to pre-ride the course and find somewhere to dump my rucksac. Then it was time to work hard, I don't think I was managing to go as hard as yesterday and there was more carryign which I was finding hard. Well not hard as such just slow going! But it was fun and I wasn't too dead cycling home. Since there are no pictures today I've put the chart of my heart rate from the race. I've also downloaded an elevation correction plug-in for sportstracks so now you can clearly see the laps as the elevation is a lot more accurate.

Garmin Stats

Road on way there:
12.93 miles @ 13.2 mph
Average HR 108 bpm
205m climbed

10.47 miles @ 8.9 mph
Average HR 177bpm
258m climbed

Road on way home:
13.15miles @ 12.7 mph
Average HR 132bpm
210m climbed

Edit: Forgot to say I was 2nd female.


  1. Two races in a row and a long ride to the start of this one, and you still had enough in your legs for a second place finish!

    Well done Trio!!!

  2. Well done Trio!