Sunday, 19 October 2008

More cyclo-cross racing

Todays race was up near Lancaster, there was a good field and I noticed at least 9 girls at the start, including a few well known names from the world of cross. I found it hard from the start. the grass just seemed to kill me, everyone tells me my bike is a disadvatage but today my legs didn't seem to want to push harder and my heart was ready to explode. Once again Ali was asking me if I was ok and telling me at the end that it looked like I was finding it hard. Any bits that I had to get off and attempt to carry my bike were hard. I can run - badly - so now I need to be able to run with a bike on my shoulder! I think I finished 5th female but I'm not sure, results will be out later this week.

Ali kindly washed my bike at the end while I rehydrated and tried to feel human again!

Garmin Stats:
8.39miles @ 7.9mph
220m climbed
Average HR 180bpm (max 196 bpm)

Provisional Results: 5th female, 62/82 finishers


  1. Your bike must weigh a lot more than everyone elses. It's no wonder you find the carrying bits hard.

    Did the new tyres help on the grass?

    Well done Trio!!

  2. Ooh, sounds a difficult one this time. Yesterday's longer run may still have been in your legs ? I have to have a day off before a race if I want to have a good go at it, two days off if its a longer race. I've had the dead legs feeling before!

  3. Hard to say if they helped as it wasn't a direct comparison, but if they were any harder I would have died. I think they did help as there was more grass at this event. Yes my bike is heavy, I need a cross bike and a lighter mtb!

  4. I know the sensible thing would be to have had a day off, which I haven't done before the last three races. But yesterday I had to do something, otherwise I'd have gone crazy!

  5. I was wondering about that. I don't quite understand cross in terms of bikes. You can use a cyclo cross or mtn bike?

  6. At the level I am racing, a local league, you can use mountain bikes. Once you get to national level then you have to use a cross bike. It is a really welcoming sport which is why any bike is fine at first I think! After this season I will definetly be looking at getting a cross bike!