Saturday, 11 October 2008

Cyclo cross racing

Today's cyclo-cross race was at Clayton and Ali kindly came and took some pictures. Although I'm not sure she enjoyed standing around in a muddy field. Before the start I met Trev and caught up with a few people from the last race. Then it was time to go, I managed to hang in at the start - usually everyone seems to disappear but it got harder and harder as time went on and the steps I had to carry my bike up definitely got harder as my bike just got heavier and heavier. After 8 complete laps and the 1st shortened lap I finished 3rd female. There were 7 of this race I think. I am shattered now and was ready to stop after the first 10minutes!
Garmin Stats:
11.14 miles @ 10.7 mph
Average HR 180bpm
358m climbed


  1. Well done, did my first cross country race today so I know what you mean when you say you wanted to stop after the first 10 minutes, though in my case it was more like the first 2! I also was closer to being 3rd from last rather than 3rd overall. So well done again, very speedy.

  2. That was 3rd female, there were loads and loads of blokes ahead of me! Ali said she was close to telling me to stop I looked that bad!

  3. imagine how fast you'd be on a 'crosser? ... ;)

  4. I wish, but need to sort out the job situation first! But a cross bike is on my wish list! The thinking is if this year I am dragging a heavy moutain bike around it will be good training!