Thursday, 16 October 2008

I need breakfast

Another early morning run. It was easy enough to get out once I dragged myself out of bed as it looked nice out. I was hungry from the word go and found it hard doing anything without my breakfast, but I know it wouldn't feel good eating then running. The run had everything, knee deep puddles, muddy grass, road, steep steps, gravel tracks and cobbles. A lovely start to the morning. I'm thinking that I might try a 40min run next week since my 30min runs are all over 30mins now. I'm enjoying running at the moment which is helping with the motivation.

Garmin Stats:
3.94 miles @ 9'53" min/mile pace
82m climbed

Average Heart Rate isn't accurate since at first it had zero then over 200 for the first 10 minutes.


  1. getting faster! it is amazing how quickly you can improve if you run regularly

  2. Thanks, that's my slowest run in the last two weeks as well, but some of the ground was hard going. I'm doing it right this time and building up slowly. Most importantly I'm enjoying it!

  3. and thanks for the link

  4. Your slowest run is still quicker than my quickest!!!

    Knee deep puddles, grass slopes, steps must all slow you down a lot. I bet you'd be a good minute ot two quicker per mile on the road.

  5. - Not that the road would be as much fun !

  6. My knees don't like road, but I think I probably would only get as quick as 9 minute miling, there was still plenty of road in this run! Maybe 50%!