Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Muddy Muddy Muddy

I headed out towards ramsbottom today, via Entwistle. On my way round the reservoir I was practically in the water at points where it had come over the path, I missed getting my camera out for the ducks swimming across. At that point I realised I had no chance of keeping my feet dry! I continued trying a new path to the Strawbury duck - a muddy hike! Then over the firing range and up to Peel tower, no I didn't make it but I didn't really try as my left grip had come loose and I didn't want to pull it off trying to wrestle the bike up there. At the top I stopped and had my lunch - its ages since I've though to bring sandwiches with me on a ride. I got a bit cold sat there so I think its the end of picnics its definetly getting into winter! After that a little explore around ramsbottom and then home. Just before I got to my house a man says to me, "Did you realise you are very muddy?" well I had guessed!!!

Garmin Stats:
26.61miles @ 8.5mph
840m climbed
Average HR 138bpm


  1. So its wet out then! I'll be night riding out of Abbey Village tonight, I'll pack my snorkel. There could be some interesting puddles up on the moors, I'll be riding behind someone at all times. They can find the deep ones first. Is the knee ok?

  2. Very wet and lots of big puddles! Riding behind someone sounds sensible!!! Knee was fine, I wasn't working hard and walked the steepest hills but didn't feel it at all so hopefully it'll be fine. Will leave running a few days though!

  3. ok. I found an information here that i want to look for.

  4. Sounds like he was stating the obvious :-)

    The light in your photo is beautiful.

  5. Thanks I was impressed at how well it turned out as it is just using the cheap camera that we have for taking out on bike rides. Really handy as it was on my rucksac!

    Yes he was stating the obvious, but he actually sounded concerned in case I didn't know! Lovely day for a ride even if my feet did get cold!