Friday, 31 October 2008

NFL - london

Well the main reason for going down South was to go to the NFL game at Wembley. Ali is a massive NFL fan, recording all the games off sky and watching them throughout the week. In fact this was probably her main reason for getting sky! Her team is the Cincinnati bengals, which are affectionately called the bungals! We were going to see the New Orleans Saints play the San Diego Chargers. Still in preparation Ali had ordered herself a bengals top, we won't talk about how much she had to pay is customs! So about mid-morning on sunday we were dropped off at the train station in Cambridge and headed off to London, arriving at Wembley there were already lots of people around, the ground didn't open till 3pm so this was over an hour before. After looking round the merchandise stands and trying to see what was happening in the tailgate party we headed into the ground. We got a picture taken of the two of us before it got too busy.

The game itself was exciting and I think the crowd responded to requests to make it a home game for the Saints. I can see why people left early though, I would have had no idea that the chargers had a chance still even though the clock said zero without Ali. In fact she took it from it being a fun experience to something I would do again, having my own personal commentator explain what was going on! The game is very stop-start, which I knew from the bit I have watched on tv. But sometimes they seem to hang around for no reason, Ali says its for commercial breaks! I'd definetly say go, its a great experience but even better if you have someone who knows the game well as it's certainly complicated!


  1. i dunno, still not entirely convinced!

  2. I am so not into NFL and I really enjoyed the game! Ali says it helped that both defences were poor so there was a lot of attacking!