Friday, 3 October 2008

Ali's good news

Well after five years of trying Ali has got a place in the London Marathon!

So no stopping running over the winter for her, she wants to beat my time, I'm sure she'll do that easily!


  1. Good for Ali, I didn't get in.

  2. Well done Ali! I, in a moment of stupidity last monthI entered Edinburgh marathon - and got in. It's in May som training commences after Xmas. It's on road as well, something I swore I'd never do! Primary goal: get to the start line uninjured.

  3. I got in the first year I applied, not sure if that was lucky or not!

    If you want someone to do long runs with julbags Ali would love company, I have offered to cycle them but running too far is beyond me! Ali is planning on doing most of her training off-road, that way you minimise injury risk and have more fun!

  4. I will also be doing most of my training offroad as I'm an inury magnet otherwise. I still haven't quite grasped the enormity of what I've let myself in for I think. The weather better not be like today though, I have never been that wet and muddy running, ever.

  5. I was being blown around on my bike!!!

    Was today the coniston race, ow did it go?

    I've entered ali into a half marathon in Blackpool

    should be good training!

  6. Go Ali, Go Ali! More runs to the pub called for then, no reason training can't be fun!