Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Can I get an average of 15mph?

Today I decided I wanted to get an average of 15mph, well I planned this yesterday before I realised how windy today was going to be. I had planned a route on mapmyride but for some reason I couldn't download it. So instead of wasting my time trying to decide what to do and ending up without enough time for my planned 4 hour ride I decided to do a ride that I normally do with jumbly, its 40miles from her house in Adlington. So I thought I could just cycle over and pick the route up somewhere.

This worked really well, although the whole way to Adlington was a struggle and it didn't get any easier till I turned round to come back as there was a headwind the whole way. After averaging 13.6 mph on the way to Adlington I knew I had to work a bit harder, I then managed 14.7 mph to the point I started heading back. Although I felt like I was working hard my average heart rate for both these splits was only 144bpm so I must have been able to work harder! On the way back to Adlington I averaged 16.5mph and then from there to home I managed 16.7mph. When I was nearly home I decided I wanted a ride of 100km so I started weaving round the back streets, I still didn't get to 100km (99km) and it brought down my average speed a bit!

But in the end my average speed was 15.4 mph!!! That is nearly as fast as my fastest ever road ride at 16 mph which was down in Cambridge!

Garmin Stats:
61.43 miles @ 15.4 mph
Average HR 145bpm
720m climbed

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