Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Running before Breakfast

Today in the pouring rain I went running as soon as I got up, I've never been good at doing anything before I eat my breakfast but I wanted to kickstart my day. So I headed out in the cold and the rain. Was running off feel and basically went downhill to come back up it. Not many people out, just two dog walkers and one lady who told me I couldn't go a certain way as it was flooded and my feet would end up wet, by that point they were very wet anyway!

Garmin Stats:
2.82 miles
Av Pace 10:12 min/miles
Av HR 166bpm


  1. I find running before brekkie hard, cycling is easier for me at that time of the morning. I've got a run planned for this evening, lucky me. Think it will be a plod round the streets though as don't fancy heading up onto the hills today. I cycled to work yesterday rather than my normal Tuesday, definitely the right decision.

  2. With cycling I just eat before I go out, but can't do that with running! But really trying to make an effort to keep up my running this time, once a week is the aim! I kow it helps my fitness loads!

  3. The impact is good for the bones too in a way that cycling isn't. My granny had osteoperosis (not hereditary), its one of the main reasons I do an impact sport as well.