Friday, 12 September 2008

Another 20 miles

This evening Ali was doing a taster improver session on the track, it looked like fun I might try it sometime. Anyway the plan was that I would ride there and she would jump on a train and sprint from picadilly after she finished work. It worked quite well, I had her bike and everything ready which was good as she just had time to change the height of the seatpost and put her track shoes on before it was time to go. I enjoyed watching the drills and reading this weeks comic while she rode round in circles, she got her pink slip at the end which was great! Now onto the next session.

After that we rode over to Rusholme, had a nice curry and a bottle of wine, it's been ages since we've gone out and done anything (my fault) so it was really nice. Before riding to Victoria and getting the train home.

All this added up to 20 miles of road riding, yet felt like nothing.

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