Sunday, 28 September 2008

Three Peaks cyclo-cross

Today was the three peaks cyclo-cross race and I had planned to go out and watch. Ali was going to help her friend support her husband. So a plan was formed that we would leave just before 8am. Only I failed to get out of bed so she went without me. I have been so tired recently that's its not that much of a suprise. Anyway I dragged myself up and decided to get the train to Clitheroe and cycle out only I couldn't find my purse, so no money and no cards I decided just to ride out. It turned out to be the perfect day to be on a bike, I was on my bike with mudguards but ruby would have loved it. At one point near clitheroe I saw loads of cyclists going the other way, eventually I worked out they were part of a sportive, the lancashire loop I have since found out. I got to the start finish line just as the first veteran finished, I was beginning to wonder if I would have to ride home as I had heard nothing from Ali. I was there for Andrews finishing though and we rode out to where the others were in the car. It looks like a great event and the sort of crazy thing I might try ;)

Garmin Stats:
47.94 miles @ 14.4mph
Average HR 145bpm
900m climbed

Really pleased with that average, I had set my virtual training partner at 14pm and I beat him!

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  1. With 900m climbing that sounds very quick to me!