Saturday, 27 September 2008

A target reached

So at the start of this year one of my aims was to cycle 6000 miles in the year. This seemed like a high mileage but attainable, an average of 500 miles a month. This is a lot more than I had ever done. But its only September and I have surpased my aim. The question is how many will I do and what should I aim for next year.

Oh and sorry yesterdays post was a mammoth post, I don't think I realised how long it was till this morning! If you want more the rest of the pictures are here.


  1. You reached 6000miles weeks ago. You do loads of miles that you never count or blog about!

    btw, long posts are great!

  2. Not that much that I don't count or blog about, just things like going to the supermarket, which is a mile away!

  3. Great effort! I tried to reach 6000 miles last year but failed. No real targets for this year but 6000 is a possiblilty.

  4. Well done, that's amazing!!! Here I was chuffed about doing over 200 bike miles this month, which is the most monthly miles for about three years. I may actually break a 1000 this year!

  5. Sweet, great stuff.
    Next year will there be 7000 on the horizon?

  6. Ight make 7000 this year!

    Julbags you do a lot of running though, I've hardly done any running this year!