Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Big ring all the way

I decided to set myself a challenge as I couldn't be out on the bike for more than an hour and a half, so I decided I would stay in the big ring the whole way round the ride. I had thought about doing the same route I had done on friday so I headed off towards Affetside. Once I got to Belmont I decided if I headed over to Rivington I might not get back home in time to have a shower (I have an appointment at 5:30pm so think it might be nice to make myself presentable). So I just headed straight back. A short ride but I worked hard on it.

16.76miles @ 14.8mph
Average HR 152bpm
~400m climbed


  1. This is after running for 3 miles!!!

    I'm not sure I could get up Belmont road in the big ring. I'm going to have to try now though!

  2. I didn't try to get up the belmont road as I didn't have time. I will do one day though, it'll be a good challenge ;)

  3. Belmont Rd + Big Ring + 5am = impressive ;-)

  4. I won't be trying it at 5am, I'll leave that to you! Crazy time to go riding!

  5. Trio you have a very impressive commitment here - do you ever have a day off?! Do you have a weekly schedule of ride/run types or just do what you feel like? Also, do you have work you fit in somewhere?!

  6. I have plenty of days off, usally at least two a week. I do try and have a schedule but tend not to stick to it and do what I feel like, I am thinking I might try and get more organised now though.