Thursday, 11 September 2008

I took out my winter bike.... the sun decided to shine. But yes that means I have got around to making sure it is safe to ride. Thanks go out to Jon for giving me some wheels which don't have non-existent rims and to Cooksons who as always treat my bike with the love she deserves and have replaced the bottom bracket, cassette and various other little jobs.
Anyway onto todays ride. Ali had a course on the outskirts of Blackburn so a plan was formed that I would get the train to Blackburn with her and then ride her out to the hotel the course was at. While she sat there being bored I would use the 3 hours to go for a nice hilly ride and then meet her to pace her back to work. The first part worked well, unfortunately I managed not to be back in time, I'm blaming a closed road which added a fair amount of mileage on, so Ali started heading home and I tried to catch her. Needless to say I had no chance, that girl is fast on a bike when she wants to be. Still it was a nice ride and great weather.
65.77miles @ 12.8mph Av HR 137bpm
2017m climbed

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