Friday, 5 September 2008

Ali's adventure

Ali came up with an idea the other week that she wanted to try running back from Rivington so we came up with a plan that she would drive there from work and I would ride over and meet her and then drive the car back. Then I would cycle out to meet her. We decided that we would try it this friday. Then the weather got worse and worse as the week went on. Since Ali is no longer a fair weather girl she wasn't going to let a little (ok a lot) of rain stop her. So I set off just after 4pm getting there just before Ali. She set off and I paddled the car home, there was a little bit of flooding on the roads before jumping on my bike to meet her. As I pedalled up a hill I was suprised to see her running towards me, she must have been running faster than she normally does on her evening runs. We stayed together till a mile from home when she sent me on to start dinner.

I was very impressed she ran 9miles in an hour and a half (her longest ever run), I think I'd die if I tried to run that far. To make it harder this run involved 320m of climbing.

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