Monday, 23 November 2015

New book

So last week I bought a new book. It is full of trail runs round the Peak District. On the day I bought it (from the bookshop at Hassop Station who ordered it in so I could have a look with no pressure to buy if I didn't want to) it turns out I had run one of the routes with Vikki and the boys, just in reverse as I prefer not to run down a gravelly downhill with Cybi attached. Only one of the other routes is one I've ran, Curbar as Froggatt and White Edges, which is a favourite of mine. So I bought the book and aim to run as many of the loops as possible. One or two are a bit far away but lots within half an hour. I'm sure the boys will enjoy exploring with me and it means I can practice my navigation.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Unheated swimming.

Last week Vikki mentioned she was going swimming, I was lamenting the fact I hadn't got round to going to Hathersage Pool before the season closed (it's a heated outdoor pool). It turns out that is where she was going as they do limited sessions of unheated swimming throughout November and into December. Next thing I knew I had talked myself into joining her. The water temperature was 19°C so invigorating but not cold cold cold. It was so much fun and reminded me how much I enjoy swimming.

Next Thursday I was there again this time in a wetsuit, the water temperature was 12.5 °C and Vikki was very jealous of my wetsuit. This time I managed to swim 1km and was looking forward to the next swim. So Saturday Sarah (who's in the photo - taken by Vikki) came over from Leeds. All three of us were in wetsuits and glad of it! The water temperature was once again 12.5°C but the air temperature was 0°C, there was even snow in the hills. I had to persuade myself to get in and the first two lengths were hard, but once I got going, as long as I didn't stop, it was okay. Well except for my googles struggling to stay sealed and letting water I'm, think the temperature was just too low for them. Managed another kilometre but the getting out and changed was hard... It was freezing.

Looking forward to going again on Thursday, can't believe how much fun it is. Especially as I normally get too cold to even paddle in the sea when on holiday and Ali is paddling.

First snow of the winter.

Although they had been talking about the possibility of snow this weekend when I went to bed last night the forecast was showing rain and it didn't look like it was likely to snow. But this morning there was a layer of the white stuff. It was crispy icy stuff as oppose to the nice white fluffy stuff, but it's still snow!

Ali had to go into work so she dropped me and boys off partway there to run home. Well I say run there was a lot of walking and mincing over the icy sections by me. Through Eyam I really could have done my yak traxs, but somehow I did stay upright!

Only 4.5miles but it was a stunning 4.5miles.

Clearing my head

Not sure why this didn't post when I wrote it a few weeks back... 

It'd been a busy day rushing around, first to a school to do a Dr bike and then back to make a Dr's appointment. One of the reasons I think I've struggled a bit recently is I've been working a lot more than my contracted hours, I will get the time back but it's left me overtired and struggling. So i decided to headed out with the boys for a run. I had a look at the map and spotted two paths I hadn't ran before that could make a nice loop out via combes Dale and back via Tideswell lane and Eyam. It was a lovely day, one of the paths was a bit non existent but the other lovely. Coming out on the main road I decided we were having too much fun to just head up Tideswell lane so we headed along to silly Dale before heading back. It was a lovely loop and I am so lucky having the boys to share it with.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Edges - White, Froggatt and Curbar

I suggested to Vikki we run up at the Edges this afternoon as it was lovely out. So glad we did as the views were stunning.  We could hear the stags most of the run and at one point saw a couple. On Froggatt we met some cows with calves who were a bit too interested in us. I hid in the bracken with the boys whike Vikki circled them and moved them alone. Lovely run and definitely one of my favourite loops.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Canicross Midlands race weekend at Box End

So the canicross season has started, this year the Canicross Midlands races are at some different venues and the first weekend was at Box End Park near Bedford. This is too far to travel each day so we were camping. It was a stunning location right next to the lake and we could watch the wake boarders. It was also only a couple of miles from Bedford so we had takeaway for tea on both Friday and Saturday evenings and didn't need to cook. Both of us had Friday off work so we could travel down in the day.

On Saturday Cybi and I ran the 5k in the morning. It was a little warmer than ideal for running with Cybi so he had a few dips in the Lake. As always he worked really hard and was a star. After a quick rest I ran with both Cybi and George over  the short course (3.2km). George shocked me when he went for it off the start line as although he obviously enjoys coming running with me and Cybi he tends to trot along and not really pull. As soon as they said go he was off and I had to work hard to stay on my feet. I was really proud of him as he even managed some overtaking. Me and the boys then spent the afternoon relaxing while Ali went to the football in Cambridge.

Sunday morning I ran the same combination. In the open we had mini mass starts with four starting at a time, usually we start at 20second intervals. Cybi was a star and got us to the first corner first but I couldn't keep that pace up and we were a little slower than Saturday. In the short course I was ready for George to go at the start and he pulled really well for the whole race. We came in slightly faster than Sunday and George coped with us being overtaken by quite a few from the class behind us.

All that was left was to pack up, which Ali being the star she is did most of while I was at prize giving. The boys were both brilliant all weekend, I was so proud of them.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dark and White trail run - Goyt Valley

After last months dark and white trail run at Carsington Water I was quick to enter the next event at the Goyt Valley. George had cried at being left behind as I ran with just Cybi. So today I ran with both of them. The route had everything. We were soon in singletrack the boys somehow managed to run side by side even though I barely fit along some of the bits. Then it got a bit boggy, Cybi managed to find a deep but of bog and sank right into it and needed some help getting out. It was a lot hillier than the last one and with it being technical underfoot the downhills were taken slowly.

As we got on the more open tracks the 5k runners caught us, having set off later, and before we knew it we were at the feed zone. I had some juice but the boys were fine after enjoying the many muddy puddles we had passed. George was doing well and even coped with an off lead dog running up to him. I was starting to find the hills hard but with both the boys smiling they kept me going.

Finishing we had missed out on a gold time by 7minutes but all three of us had had a lovely time and the boys were so well behaved. We're all tired after the 17km.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A lovely wander with the boys

After a lovely day in the hills with Hannah yesterday she was a little broken and Ali is still struggling with her ankle that she sprained a couple of months ago so we decided to go to the yonderman and have one of their amazing breakfasts for lunch. While the other two went in the car I walked there with Cybi and George (George is a foster dog who has been with us a week). It was a lovely day and only right at the end did we end up going through a field of sheep. The three of us were loving it. After food I decided to walk back as it was such a nice day, since George had seemed fine (trying to build his exercise up slowly) both the boys walked back with me.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Spring Showdown

At Easter it was the Canicross Midlands Spring Showdown which was four days of racing at Catton Park. We were going to be camping as it's just a little too far to head down everyday. Unfortunately Ali sprained her ankle quite badly the week before and Cybi and I had to go on our own, I have to admit I was worried about camping with Cybi on my own as he can be a bit of a handful.

As it turned out he was fine, settled best if I wasn't there and once popped in my sleeping bag at night so lights didn't disturb him slept fine, one morning we both slept till 8am!

The racing itself was fun and muddy. I had entered us unto the 10k in Sunday, turns out only ten of us were crazy enough to run the longer route, and we loved it even though it was a little warm for cybi.

It was a great weekend but I really missed Ali as she'd have loved it.

A bit of practise for Saunders

We were meant to be at the Welsh Ride Thing this weekend but Ali has a sprained ankle and would like me about, she'd also really struggle to walk the dogs. So Hannah and I planned a little adventure, which went from biking and bivvying in the Peak, to a training walk (with maybe a bit of running) but sleeping in beds since the weather overnight wasn't meant to be that great.

We choose four points on the map, the plan being to navigate between them and hence practise our navigation as well. Ali dropped us off at Great Hucklow so we were a little closer to the first point. We got very close to the first point, a trip point, but it wasn't assessible without climbing over walls and walking on gliding club land so we had to make do with a wave. Onto our next point and that was easily ticked off before dropping into Hathersage, we had quite a steep down where Cybi wanted me to go faster than I could! I think Hannah was glad she didn't have a dog attached to her at that point.

Our next point was a Fort in the hills outside Hathersage, well being a Fort on the top of a hill. It was brilliant up there though and worth the climb. We then descended to longshaw Estate, planning on grabbing a drink at the cafe, which was shut meaning it was later than we had realised. It also started to rain so we made a quick call to Ali and arranged for her to collect us at Grindleford Station, which was a lovely walk through Padley Gorge to finish the walk.

14.5miles in total.