Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hill repeats, its been a while

I went over to Affetside to ride hill repeats today. It has been ages since I did hill repeats. I pushed hard and was suprised to get home and find I was slower than last time.
Repeat 1: 4:38
Repeat 2: 4:36
Repeat 3: 4:36
Repeat 4: 4:31
Repeat 5: 4:31
Average 4:34 - Average last time (15/7) 4:32


  1. Ah, but there's an important difference! Last time you got slower on each repeat...this time you improved.

    Maybe you weren't working AS hard as you thought on the first repeats??

  2. That is very true. So many variables as well, the weather, temperature, humidity etc ;)