Friday, 19 September 2008

Changing tyres

The front tyre on my winter roadie had a big slit in it so I thought I had better replace it, hours later and I had got this far, eventually after lunch it went on, hopefully it can't be as hard this time, otherwise next time the p******* fairy comes to visit I'll have to do my damsel in distress act.

Now that is done I can get out and go shopping, I was going to take the singlespeed out earlier but can't get the EBB to move, I know the trick now, only I can't get the crank off, I must be doing something wrong!


  1. ahh the memories of trying to get tight rubbers on..


    I avoid EBBs simply because they seem to be a problem waiting to pee me off.

    I have enough problems with parts that live in the 'splash zone'

  2. Yes well if you want to buy me a new bike I'll try one without an EBB. But that doesn't change the fact that I can't get my crank to shift!

  3. IIRC it's a Gary Fisher that has a Bushnell EBB in it.
    You need to undo the set screw in the EBB (4mm I think) and undo it past 2 tight points.
    Then wallop it with a rubber mallet or a hammer and a block of wood to make it budge.
    Or kick it with your heel (with a sturdy shoe on).
    Then when you retighten it you have to do it more than you think. Worth taking the allen key on the ride just in case you don't do it up enough that first time.

    I avoid EBBs now. Neat and elegant but expensive, heavy and can be a pain.

  4. Bloody road tyres! I dread getting a puncture, I really do. Last time I had one on a ride it took me 40 minutes to get the tyre back on (got it off ok) and I covered my face in crap off the rims whilst doing it. Got loads of funny looks riding back and when I got home I realised I looked like a commando in full face paint. I changed my last tyres in the comfort of my lounge, took ages but I resisted the temptation to throw the wheels across the room. There is a big oily mark on the rug from it, I deny it was me!

  5. Yes it is a GF, I have undone it past the two tight points but it won't shift. i found out last time that if I get the crank off I can use a tool that tightens the bottom bracket to get it to move and its fine, it obviously needs greasing!

    Tom if you want you can send me a new singlespeed without a EBB ;)

  6. I've just got a Simple and you can't have it.

    As I said block of wood up against crank/bb axle and wallop it with a hammer. Wood stops any damage the hammer would cause. That'll shift it as they tend to get a bit rusted in. Not too much as the Bushnell is stainless. Then you should be able to use a pin spanner or allen keys to rotate it.

  7. Is it a 16" even that might be a little big ;)

    Will try and locate some wood this weekend, but it so nice outside I had to go riding today.