Saturday, 13 September 2008

Shecycles Rivi ride

So once again I offered to lead a shecycles ride. This time with better weather than recently forecast we ended up with a nice crowd, including three boys that we allowed to join us. I rode over to lower barn in the morning and the ground was very wet but the weather seemed nice. We eventually all gathered and set off, I had a few comments about my clown bike as they christened it and got told lots of time that there was something wrong with me if I was riding a singlespeed. We got as far as upper barn, saw matt on the way up so tried to slow him down, he rides way to fast! There we had to stop as there were some problems with peoples gears, even this didn't persuade them that singlespeed was a good idea. Soon on our way again and we saw matt again, who must have been back up to the top and down in the time we had moved a mile. Up the AICR where I saw twinklydave on his new uncle john cyclo-cross bike, well actually he was fixing a puncture, if he was riding I don't think I'd have managed to even say hello, I think he is a bit fast as well. We headed up the pike and down off the back before heading back along Georges lane and then down the ICR. Back to the cafe for the first stop of the day and to persuade Goldfish to fix his bike and stop sleeping in the car and join us. We then headed over to leadmines and into Healey Nab. Down the drops and round the woods, it was getting a bit muddy, it'll soon be time to leave it till it gets cold and frozen. Ali met us as we came out of the woods, really only coming over for the cafe stop!
Then it was back over to Rivington and one last climb up the AICR and then down the ICR, everyone wanted to do it again. Before another cafe stop.
A great ride, ages since I've rode with a group and its nice to be sociable and not just ride for a change. Hopefully I showed people how much fun Rivi can be.

My stats:
38.67miles @ 8mph
Average HR 131bpm
1642m climbed

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