Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Sleeping instead of running

Yesterday I had planned to go running, only during the time I had planned my run I fell asleep on the sofa for two hours so I ended up having a lazy day, I guess I needed the sleep. So today I got out running. Now I realise that I have been very lazy with running, both not getting out and when I do i just jog round. So today I decided I wanted to run for half an hour and keep my heart rate above 160bpm. I know from when I was training for the marathon that this is around the heart rate I used to run at. This meant that I pushed myself a bit more and hopefully I'll get faster. I just went out near me and near the end climbed the steps out of the golf course, I didn't stop jogging up them - a first for me, it is clear to see where the steps are from the gradient, heart rate and pace on the graph.
3.14miles @ 10:04 min/miles
Average HR 166bpm

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