Sunday, 14 September 2008

A trip to Southport

Today the tour of Britain was going from Blackpool to Liverpool through Southport. So a plan was hatched that a few of us would ride out have chips and ice-cream and watch the pro's. We meet at Adlington station at 10am, there were five of us in total. Me, Jumbly, Ali, Anna and Julie Grrr. We headed off to Southport and made good time on the way there. Once we got there and located the street the race went along we managed to grab a bench and then eat our fish and chips while we waited. A young man flew past us on his singlespeed. It has a bigger wheel than mine ;) Just after we finished our chips the riders appeared, perfect timing. Not before someone asked me if I was racing???
There was a breakaway of three riders who seemed to have a significant lead before the main field came through, they move so fast! After that it was time for ice-cream so we headed to the sea wall to find an ice-cream van.
After the ice-cream ali wandered onto the beach to write her name in the sand. The rest of us just watched, I know we are boring.
After that is was time to head back, some nice quiet little roads on the way and only one hill of note, which was made worthwhile by the view back to southport at the top.

All in all a great day and reminds me how much fun riding with people is.

My Stats:
83.79miles @ 13.9mph
Average HR 116bpm
966m climbed


  1. Top day out, we were so lucky with the sunshine! I'd forgotten about penny-farthing man so good thing I read your blog!

  2. Sounds a good day, they flew past us as well, Backstedt was in front then, obvious by his being twice the size of every other rider! We were highly entertained by the police tag team approach of closing junctions. I hate riding on my own, especially offroad, I really struggle to motivate myself to do it. I manage better with running as I wear an Ipod

  3. I missed that is was Backstedt - how? But spotted Dean Downing, I could just hear myself shouting go Dean on the tv coverage.