Thursday, 4 September 2008

Bye bye summer

I knew I had to get out early today as I had to make sure I was home for 11am. I was aiming to be out at 8am but made it out at 8:20am, not too bad. My legs are still missing a bit of their zip and some of the climbs felt hard work on the singlespeed, I'm sure it's just the lack of singlespeed riding for a while. I went out in my warmest 3/4 lengths but when I got home my lower legs were a little cold, I can't believe it's time for tights already, I only remember two summer rides in shorts!

While over at rivi I saw matt, his head was down and he was working so hard he nearly missed me - does he notice anything when he is riding. Up on winter hill was very foggy and then on the way home it started raining, fun fun!

Ollie was talking yesterday about doing trans-scotland next year on a singlespeed. I still want to do this sometime, but think it would have to be on a different bike to my current bike, one with a slightly shorter top-tube. I also wonder if I could cope with 7 hard days of singlespeeding, I suppose it's a challenge for a few years time, it does keep nagging me though. I think I'm a little crazy! I think I'd like to have two bikes, one geared and one singlespeed, that had basically the same geometry then moving between them would be easy.

19miles @8.4mph 141bpm
750m climbed

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