Sunday, 21 September 2008

Cyclo cross racing

Today was round 2 of the North West League Cyclo-cross at leverhulme park. Since it was so close it seemed silly not to do it and I was planning on doing some of them this year after I enjoyed the two in the summer. Jon came round and tried to fix my rig, I now have the crank off and he managed to get the EBB to move a bit, but not enough to get it out to grease it. So now I have to find someone else to magically fix it.

We rolled down to leverhulme park, entered - it cost more as I don't have a racing licence so maybe I should get one - and then did a lap of the course, it was very dry and grassy, some bits felt quite draggy on my mountain bike.

At the start there seemed to be 5 or 6 girls and only another 3 on mountain bikes (as well as me and Jon). The start was fast and there were elbows everywhere, I went into the first singletrack behind at least two girls, but it was hard to tell and then went slowly as there was a bottleneck, but it didn't take long to clear. Soon I had passed the two girls in front and I kept going picking some people off and even lapped a few. I was lapped twice by the winners who were flying! There was only one bit I had to get off and carry my bike, up some steps. Right at the end Andrew, a friend of ali's past me so he had one lap on me. We had to wait a while for the prize giving to find out if I had finished in the top 2 as there were prizes for the top two. They originally announced someone else as the winner but she pointed out I had finished in front of her and someone doing the positions was like yes the mountain biker won. So I won my first race of the North West League.

I was also talking to someone from Horwich Cycling Club who had organised the race who was suggesting I joined them so I might look into it.


  1. Problem I now need a cross bike.

  2. I've had it made very clear to me that I have to wait at least 20 months or sell another bike and spend no more than what I get for it!

  3. That's no good. Put your foot down!


  4. Not a chance, especially as its not my money I'm spending on food at the moment so I have to be good!

  5. I'm with Ali on this one. Trio would be even quicker on a CX bike;; nobody stands much of a chance as it is. ;)

    Despite having a flat rear tyre she was miles ahead of the competition,

    Perhaps you could put your winnings towards a new set of tyres?

  6. can I put tyres that narrow on my mtb rims?

    A cross bike is definetly spmething I want, I think I could get into this cross racing!

  7. Wow! Well done you! Planet X have some good deals on cross bikes at the moment......

  8. I know, but still no budget unless I start earning more money!