Sunday, 7 September 2008

"I liked it when I had to slow down to wait for you"

This is what Jon said near the start of todays ride. I have no idea what he was talking about I spent every hill trying to just keep the dot ahead in sight! He says he has lost fitness but he still seemed very fast to me. Anyway kindly he had offered to take me round the long legbreaker route as I had only done the short route on the day since my legs were so sore after Hit the North. After a little detour to get to the start we were on our bikes at 9:40am. This ride didn't disapoint with lots of hills, we went through flash which is the highest village in England lots of nice car free roads and even chocolatecake halfway round. I'm very tired now and don't seem to quite have my long ride legs back yet.
82.29mil @ 12mph Av HR 137bpm
2700m climbed

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