Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hit the North

Okay then I'm now very tired and sore but I have found some pictures of me and think its time to put my thoughts down. We arrived in plenty of time on saturday and actually managed to squeeze our car in next to the track, made it easier for Ali! After my usual faffing and finding out kate (uber-fast friend) was riding solo as well it was time for the start. First lap went well, very little queuing. All three of us arrived together. Ali was now pit bunny for the three of us so was very busy! We headed out again, it was a little muddier, but I could push my bike and get round it fine. On this lap Ollie came past me, but I was riding at a comfortable pace. Next lap seemed muddier and my brakes less effective, lap 4 basically no brakes. I also passed ollie again, we were riding very similar lap times. So I stopped, changed clothes brake pads and back out. My aim before the event was 10 laps, at this point the conditions were making that look impossible. The first section I could barely push my bike, how I would have managed the chicken run to avoid the bombhole without the marshalls helping me with my bike I have no idea!

Hit The North

Lap 5 was where I came off, on an easy section but I skidded a fair way, arm was a little sore and bike was fine so I carried on, at some point I pass. This time in ali cleaned my arm put some dressing on the worst part, back out and it was getting better again. You could tell the soloists from the amount of mud, and lack of anything else! Another lap and it seemed to be getting a bit better. I came in and Ali cleaned the bike and it was back out, 7 laps done. Lap 8 was the hardest, the first section was nearly impossible to push the bike, it was so clogged up! Back through and out, it had got worse!!! No chance of me getting round before 10pm, I could barely move my bike, getting out on tarmac it took me ten minutes to get my wheels moving! I rode this lap with the lad from ssuk who had taken his trousers off for a new frame! It was nice to just chat my way round a lap. He was also a soloist, on his 7th lap.

As you can see I was a little muddy at the end, but pleased, I had finished 3rd female soloists. I could get one of my shoes off for ages (thanks Mr NBT) and took ages to warm up. Kate finished as winning female in typical Kate fashion!!! Apparently on one lap she came in and said "I've broke my fingernail" the lads next to us didn't know what to make of her!!!

We headed straight off and got pizza, bed just before 1am, time for just over 4 hours sleep before attempting the legbreaker!!! More on that tomorrow!

I've definetly learnt a lot from this race, first I like riding a 12hour solo! I could have gone faster! But where I lost my time was the bomb hole as I didn't even attempt it, I was losing at least 10 - 15minutes a lap. So I need to work on my technical skills!!! Kate rode it every lap and said it was definetly the key!

9 lap, 75miles, 120km


  1. lol, now thats a good photo!

  2. well done to you and kate. Whats a bombhole please ?

  3. Well done, but whats a bombhole and what kind of lights do you use ?.

  4. Your nuts! Well done but your still nuts. I've sat on my backside all day doing nowt because I've done nothing all weekend (cos I've been ill) and then work paged me on Sunday morning so I had an excuse to do bugger all until I saw what you were up to. Blah......

  5. Just a bit muddy matt, I hate to think how many things you would have broken! It was also grittier than Rivi!

    A bomb hole goes straight down then up, like a U or V shape, as if it was formed by a bomb. Not a very good explaination sorry.

    Julbags you are better to rest if you are ill! I'll see you at the pendle pedal, just got to wait for my legs to recover!

  6. Congrad's and super that you felt there was still more in the tank. Really dig the photo's and had to smile at Kate's broken nail comment.

  7. Wow - well done on the result - I've been shying away from doing these long solo things, but will definitely try one at some stage!

  8. Thanks Mel. I really enjoyed it, I know where I lost my time on the winner as well. But the last thing I wanted to do was get hurt that close to transwales.

    I'll definetly try a few more next year, think I might have to work on my speed and technical riding first.

    Oh and Sandra I use USE exposure lights, not the current ones as I can't afford new lights unfortunately but the previous model. They are great lights and I love not having a seperate battery pack.