Thursday, 3 July 2008

Riding to the windmills

Well today I headed out to meet up with Sol off shecycles. We had decided to meet at Holcombe Tower so I headed over via the strawbury duck. On my way over the bridleway on the firing range, I came across a very scary looking bull. It seemed quite happy to eat a bit of grass, while standing in the middle of the path, turning round every so often to glare at me and show me just how big his horns were! In the end I got off my bike and holding it between me and the bull tip-toed past, if there hadn't been a vertical slope next to the path I would have been up that!!!

I got to the tower a little early which was perfect as I had time to eat some sandwiches then we headed off towards the windmills that I've always been able to see but had no idea how to ride to them. We did a nice loop which included climbing up the rake. On that road a lovely woman obviously didn't like the fact I was on the road as she revved her engine behind me, I was very impressed (???) that she beat two girls up the hill!!! Well she seemed to be pleased. On the climb up to the windmills Sol mentioned how lucky we were with the weather, the kiss of death! On the way down it didn't just rain it was torrential!!! It was a great ride and Sol is like a mountain goat up hills, I'll have to work harder to try and stay in touch on our next ride. She for some reason thinks I'm fast downhill, but I did like being told I float downhill!!!

When we were back at Homcomble Tower the rain had cleared, you can just see the windmills behind Sol - they look a long way away!!!
Then I headed home the way I'd came, the rain just about held off!!!
I rode 14miles with Sol and my stats for the day were:
Average Speed 8.6mph
Average HR 137bpm
1230m climbed

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