Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The legbreaker

Well after only 4 hours sleep I headed off to leek to ride the legbreaker. I really wanted to do the long route but after so little sleep and a lot of talking to by Mr and Mrs NBT I had decided to do the short route, only 72km with 1700m of climbing. I was later starting than I planned and hadn't really thought about clothes, I needed armewarmers with me really. I plodded round letting everyone pass me, I certainly felt like the slowest on the road. I met Jon at the first feed station, he had broken some spokes. After a chat and some food I headed on. I knew I could have worked harder but I didn't want to kill my legs!

In the end I was a little slower than last year but I did it!

Average HR 124bpm
Average Speed - very very slow


  1. i think you're very brave to even attempt something like that!

  2. Trio wasn't slow at all!
    Loads of people took a lot lot longer to get around.

  3. I was slow for me though!