Monday, 7 July 2008

Track Championships

On saturday evening Middleton CC had their track championships, some of you may remember I rode in the last ones. This time just Ali was riding and I was there to cheer and take somw Photos. The cheering I was good at, most of the photos have turned out to be pretty rubbish! I am out of practise as I never use the camera anymore. I did manage to get a nice picture of Ali leading everyone in practice though.

Ali rode really well, in the 200m sprint she was 2nd. But in all the other events the 1k and the 2k she beat everyone including all the lads.

She is now thinking it might be time to get a bit more into this track riding, so the plan is to go to the taster and skills session they run on friday evenings, if this makes her even faster I'll never manage to get pictures of her!