Sunday, 13 July 2008

A sunny day!

Today I was leading a shecycles ride at Rivington. Two of our friends from Middleton CC came out for their first off-road ride. We were also joined by treehugger off the forum, but no-one else could make it. Shame as it was a lovely day for riding, the sun came out to play and you could believe it was summer!I rode over from home, while Ali drove over, we all met at 11am and got the all important group picture! Since it was such a lovely day it would be a shame not to go up to the Pike. Janet and Steve did fantastically well, almost riding the whole way up (and we went up the hard side) without having to stop. I still find that climb hard! India and I went off the back while the others met us at the gate at the bottom. Then it was through the horse farm and halfway up commonwealth down. We split there with me and India heading up further and down the ice-cream run and the others heading across and down Chinese gardens. Then we headed to the cafe for Bacon Butties.

After that me, India and Ali headed over to Healey Nab. Somewhere between the barn and there India lost a knee and shin guard, so if anyone finds it she'd love it back! We climbed up Lead mine clough and I made it up the climb for the first time on my singlespeed. (Just peel tower to make now!) Picture is me getting to the top, it really doesn't show how hard it is!
Then round the woods, in fact we went round twice so Ali could get some pictures and India could have another go at the drops, actually we climbed back up them to ride them a few times.

Then it was back to the barn for ice-cream. The other two headed home in their cars and I rode back home.

Average Speed 8.0mph
1400m climbed

More pics here


  1. Sounds like an ace ride. I'm jealous as I was in work all day looking at the sunny skies. The Lead Mines climb is tough on a singlespeed so well done on cleaning it :)

  2. Thats great getting others involved. Bit stiff on the mileage but everyone seems to have had a smile the faces

  3. badger I didn't make everyone do that mileage. I did about 22miles of it on my own cycling there and back, also the beginners only did half of the middle ride. I'm not that mean!

    Simon I wasn't sure I would ever get up leadmines! Ali was screaming at me to keep going. Think I just got perfect conditions. It was an amazing day!