Saturday, 5 July 2008

Riding across the Peaks

A few of my friends had planned an off-road ride from New Mills to Sheffield for yesterday. I really wanted to go but the logistics just didn't seem to work. Fortunately in the morning a solution was found so I could join them. Ali dropping me off at Ros's at 9:30am we set off a little after 10am and Gavin was flapping about what outfit to wear! When we set off it was raining heavily and there was a little apprehension about why we were doing a ride like this on such a wet miserable day. But it wasn't that long before the rain stopped and jackets were taken off.

The route took us over Jacobs ladder, down the Beast and down plantation. The downhills were so technical I was reduced to walking at times, while my friends flew down them. I need to get my head round technical rocky riding!
Lunch stop was at jacobs, the railway cafe has completely changed. With friendly staff, it seems twice as big and fantastic food. Well worth dropping into now!
We caught the train back from Dore and I made the velodrome in time to have a shower before Ali started racing (more about that in another post).

Average Speed 8.3mph
Average HR 152bpm
1200m climbed

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