Sunday, 6 July 2008

Riding in the rain

After a day of lazing round on the sofa and catching up with the tennis and the first day of the tour de france. After the rain seemed to stop I got changed and Ali decided she would join me. After getting everything ready and the bikes out, the heavens opened. The rain was bouncing back up at least half a metre.

At this point I must apologise to Ali for ever calling her a fairweather rider as I was expecting her to bail but she was still up for a ride. We headed to the Strawbury Duck and by the time we were halfway there the sun had come out, not before we had rode down a few rivers though! We passed the Duck and headed over towards Ramsbottom, climbing up to the bridleway across the firing range. Just as we entered the bridleway we came across a very steamy car, not so steamy we couldn't see the two naked bodies in it! We continued round past a nice bull (they are becoming a regular feature on my rides!) to what is normally a small stream about an inch deep. Today it was a little different.

It was a lot wider and a lot deeper and seemed to be flowing very fast. We made the decision to turn round and come back the way we came. Yes, back past the Bull and the steamed up car!!!


Average Speed 8.5mph

Average HR 119bpm

510m climbed

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