Friday, 4 July 2008

A lovely evening for a quick ride

I nipped over to life-cycles this evening to have a quick chat about a new bottom bracket and new wheels for the trek, trans-wales is getting scarily close so my bike needs to be sorted. I then nipped over to Ali's work to see if she fancied riding the long way home. Since her commuting bike has a fork that is dying and brakes that only just slow her down I was informed no Belmont descent and not too long a ride. We headed over to Bamber Bridge and then up to Scout Road and then down the way I noramally climb up. Some nice bits of singletrack and Ali got a picture of me riding down a steep track that we pass on the way up saying, wow that looks steep. It was fine riding down it. A really nice way to end the day.

11.74 miles

Average Speed 10.1mph

Average HR 122bpm

270m climbed

Oh and I've passed 4000miles for the year, go me!

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