Wednesday, 23 July 2008

First ride after the weekend

My friend Carolyn wasn't working today so we had made plans to meet if my legs were feeling ok. I felt fine so we planned to meet at top barn at 10:30am. I planned to leave at 9am - lots of time as was expecting climbing on the singlespeed to be hard - but got out about 9:15am. I felt strong and actually took one of the longer routes over, finishing by riding down the ICR very badly - lots of dabs! I was still early so my legs must have been fine. We then headed over to Healey Nab, round and back to lower barn for milkshakes and food. Then up to the Pike - cleared the climb from the hard side again. Down and then we split, I headed home via winter hill.

Average Speed 8.7mph
Avrage HR 141bpm
1600m climbed

1 comment:

  1. 31 hilly miles off-road on a single speed sounds like a long long way to me.