Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hill Repeats

Once again the key bike session for this week was hill repeats. I wanted to do 5 sets and I figured with better weather I should be able to compare my times to 2008. As always I wasted lots of time and left later than planned. But I got out there which was the important thing.

Once over there it was head down and work, the first one felt ok. Second one harder, third I could really feel my legs. I told myself to push hard for the fourth and I could stop after that one. This one really hurt, legs screaming, breathing hurting, tongue hanging out - so that is what it is meant to feel like. Fifth was the same so now I know what it should feel like, oddly enjoyable, and there is no day-dreaming when working that hard its just not possible!
Times were better than two weeks ago, but not where I was when I was doing hill repeats in 2008. But back then I wasn't working and I knew I had to do something to improve my hill climbing. I think these sessions are going to work for me!
I've added my key sessions to the sidebar ----------->
So you can nag me to complete them!


  1. good work. i've been finding it hard not going too fast to start with, you're really consistant

  2. I'm only just learning how to go hard though. I am bad at pushing myself hard enough, I give up easily!

  3. Keep at it...I have the little saying in my head that is "Winners do what losers arent prepared to do" and so when I feel like I cant be bothered I think "am i a winner or a loser...? it helps me.....Today I did wuss out of my 15 second sprints as my legs are trashed and I think ae telling me to rest and RECOVER......good efforts though..I must get some graphs on my blog....I dont download stuff like that anymore though I could relink my polarbut nah...

  4. I am a geek so I love graphs and the like. Make me feel like I am doing something.

    In some ways it is like starting again as I learn how my body responds to everything now its med free. It's interesting and slowly I think I will get to the stage where I am getting the benefit from more intense sessions.

  5. You are a very smart person!