Friday, 18 December 2009

Braving Manchester

Today the plan was to meet Greg in Manchester for cake, well I am sure he said cake!  I was on limited time as I had to get home for a Dr's appointment but it seemed a good idea.  Then this week I've been all over the place and I really wasn't sure I was going to cope with Manchester.  But waking up to snow changed something, after taking photos of Ali in the snow - while still in PJ's - I did some washing and got the cross bike out.  I started off very carefully but halfway there the snow had gone.  Still didn't really bother trying so my average speed was poor.  But I have written this week off as a rest week anyway, think it is more sensible than fighting it.

Got into Manchester and locked the bike up, jeans on so I looked almost normal.  Then Greg turned up on the bus.  Turns out neither of us can make decisions!  So we ended up in Weatherspoons for burgers and then to the Christmas market.  I have never been and although lunchtime friday isn't the busiest time I was pleasantly suprised to enjoy it, no major anxiety with all the people.  No paranoria. 

Wasn't long before I realised it was time to head home, got the train from Piccadilly, being the Edinburgh train it was packed.  Cycling home I passed a street cleaner gritting the pavements on my road, it was so cute!  Suppose that is an advantage to living on a main road. 

Once home I quickly changed - bike tights and jeans would be way to hot at the Dr's surgery, it is always so hot.  Then back out the door.  Amazingly I only waited 5 minutes, he always is running late as he chats nearly as much as me!  I thought will have had him running late again.  I was expecting to be told off but he just smiled, we chatted about kielder a bit and the snow and randomly how another Dr had suggested I should do more exercise, it amused him the assumptions people make.  A promise that I won't wait 6 months before seeing him and I was off home.

Next it was time to get Ali ready for her night out.  She had her hair done at the hairdressers and her sister had sent her a dress.  She looked lovely, and I managed not to laugh at her trying to walk in her heels.  She was shivering in the car, me in my down jacket was lovely and snug!  I'm now on taxi duty so at some time in the early hours I will expect a call.  I don't think she will be going out afterwards this year though, it is cold cold cold and she is only wearing a dress!

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  1. Cool post/good read :)

    Listen,I wanted to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and happy New Year's now,because I'm syuck at my parents due to a winter storm,and may not have i-net access after tonight (see my tonight's post on my blog).

    So if I don't "see" ya before...